Panda at a zoo in Beijing

Malaysian PM's panda naming stunt hijacked by opposition

One-Minute Read Thu 14 Jun, AT 13:42

Hundreds of people post thinly-veiled charges of corruption on Facebook page as panda stunt backfires

Mount Everest

Mount Everest deaths: 'traffic jam' blamed for fatal weekend

First Post Tue 22 May, AT 10:28

Critics call for limit on number of climbers allowed to attempt summit at the same time

Chen Guangcheng

Chinese media launch propaganda war on Chen Guangcheng

One-Minute Read Fri 4 May, AT 14:11

Papers say activist is free to study abroad as saga involving blind lawyer drags on

Weetabix bought out by China's Bright Food

First Post Thu 3 May, AT 13:24

Food giant takes 60 per cent share in Northampton-based cereal producer


Tories have become Murdoch's Defenders: it's a gift to Labour

Opinion digest Thu 3 May, AT 11:55

Opinion digest: Cameron's damaging relationship with Murdoch, London's mayoral election, and China's blind prophet

Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai

China murder riddle: was Neil Heywood poisoned by cyanide?

Summary Sun 15 Apr, AT 11:26

New claims from China include suggestion that businessman had an affair with Bo Xilai's wife Gu

Kim Jong-un

North Korea's failed rocket launch humiliates Kim Jong-un

First Reaction Fri 13 Apr, AT 09:20

Damp squib provokes international condemnation and domestic embarrassment for young leader

Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai

Why Bo Xilai's wife was held on suspicion of murder

One-Minute Read Wed 11 Apr, AT 16:00

Friends claim businessman Neil Heywood feared for his safety after falling out with Gu Xilai


On the jobs front, women's rights are going backwards

Opinion digest Tue 3 Apr, AT 10:54

Opinion Digest: we need a strategy to help women stay in work – and the Quad needs scrutiny