Chen Wei gets nine years for writing pro-democracy essays

First Post Fri 23 Dec, AT 12:41

Chinese dissident goes to jail as authorities give out harshest sentence yet for failed 'Jasmine Revolution'

The siege of Wukan: a Chinese village in revolt

Briefing Thu 15 Dec, AT 14:02

The Communist Party has 'lost control' of Wukan village as land reform protests continue

Eyebrows raised as Chinese launch ‘human rights’ plan

Analysis Fri 9 Dec, AT 16:29

Chinese government state the importance of civil liberties - but activists struggle to agree

China topples United States in smartphone market

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Goldman's predictions of China's world dominance have already come true in the smartphone market

Chinese strip in solidarity after Weiwei porn quiz

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Artist in trouble with the authorities again – this time over nude photos police find ‘obscene’