Comeuppance Chinese-style: not a good year for snakes

Thu 30 Jan, AT 11:37 Gary Jones

Review of the Chinese year, Part 3: how the rich and powerful got a taste of their own medicine

Year of the Snake, dodgy pigs and beef that glows in the dark

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Review of the Chinese year, Part 2: Britain's horse-meat scandal had nothing on China

Year of the Snake is over – but for Sherlock it's just the start

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Review of the Chinese year, Part 1: 'Sex God' Cumberbatch wins where David Cameron failed

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga ‘ban lifted’: who says she was ever banned in China?

Wed 22 Jan, AT 11:34 Gary Jones

It couldn’t be easier to buy a knock-off CD or download her music, says our new Shanghai columnist

China isn't creative enough to win a Nobel Prize for science

Mon 16 Dec, AT 12:00 The Conversation

They've just put a robot on the moon – but a school system enslaved to rote learning won't breed Nobel laureates, says Cong Cao

David Cameron and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Clumsy Cameron under fire over 'sordid' China trade trip

First Reaction Tue 3 Dec, AT 13:00

Critics at home and abroad accuse the prime minister of following a 'muddled, obscure' political strategy

David Cameron in China: what is PM hoping to achieve?

Summary Mon 2 Dec, AT 13:02

The Prime Minister has arrived in Beijing in a bid to boost trade and make amends for previous spats

China's relaxation of one-child policy not as cute as it seems

Tue 19 Nov, AT 12:53 The Conversation

The number to benefit is a drop in the ocean; don't expect a baby boom just yet, says Jackie Sheehan

China to shut labour camps and relax one-child policy

One-Minute Read Fri 15 Nov, AT 15:32

Chinese families allowed two children if at least one parent is an only child