Teeth made from urine stem cells? Prof remains unmoved

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Chinese team hail 'teeth' grown by mice, but London scientist calls urine 'a poor starting point'

Violence erupts at China's airports - video

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Frustrating flight delays in China have led to a wave of attacks on airline and airport staff

Landslide buries up to 40 people in China - video

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Extreme rain and flooding triggers landslide and turns city into 'a vast expanse of water'

Hirsutes you: China's hairy stockings ward off 'perverts'

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They're billed as the essential summer accessory for women who don't want to be hassled, but are they real?

Mother of 'sewer foundling' had hidden her pregnancy, police say

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Was baby found stuck in Chinese toilet pipe victim of one-child policy? Mother has different story

Bride interrupts wedding to report on Chinese quake

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Intrepid reporter grabs microphone and delivers story in her wedding gown after Sichuan quake

China denies super-hacking raids on American firms

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Shanghai tower block houses crack cyber-espionage unit, claims US report

Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on 21 12 12

Beijing arrests 500 members of Christian doomsday cult

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Arrests across China after cult spreads rumour that world will end on 21 December