Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on 21 12 12

Beijing arrests 500 members of Christian doomsday cult

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Arrests across China after cult spreads rumour that world will end on 21 December

What do we know about Xi Jinping, China's new leader?

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The charismatic Communist 'Princeling' appears to be a mass of contradictions

Murder victim Neil Heywood 'was spying on Bo Xilai' for UK

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British businessman whose death sparked ructions in Chinese Communist Party, 'passed information to MI6'

No pigeons, no balloons: China cracks down for party congress

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Communist Party reaches 'new level of psychosis' as it readies for safe handover of power in Beijing

China blocks New York Times over Wen Jiabao wealth claims

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Chinese leader is thought to disapprove of his family's business dealings – but revelations could still damage him

Tycoon under fire for $65m bounty to 'turn' gay daughter

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Gigi Chao advised to find a gay man and 'split the dosh' after father advertises for a suitable husband

iPhone 5 factory shut after mass brawl leaves 40 workers injured

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Chinese police called in to deal with thousands of workers fighting and rioting in dormitories

Xi Jinping resurfaces in media, but China’s elite face questions

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The great wall of silence around Xi could cause problems for the Chinese leadership

Xi Jinping

Where is China's next leader? Xi Jinping mystery deepens

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Rumour mill in overdrive as vice-president cancels meetings with foreign dignitaries without reason

After Gu Kailai show trial, China aims for husband Bo Xilai

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China's 'champagne communist' celebrity politician could face trial after angering party elite, say analysts