Arab League's Syria peace plan: just playing for time?

Thu 3 Nov, AT 16:18 Venetia Rainey

Deal announced to end violence in Syria greeted with scepticism across world

PM holds his nose but Robin Hood tax won't go away

Thu 3 Nov, AT 08:06 The Mole

David Cameron leaves for G20 amid growing calls for tax on City transactions

Capitalism in crisis: what if the protesters got serious?

Thu 3 Nov, AT 07:31 Alexander Cockburn

When capital feels it is being pushed to the wall, it will stop at nothing to crush the challenge

US and Israel 'punish' Palestine for Unesco membership

Wed 2 Nov, AT 14:47 Venetia Rainey

Fallout from historic vote will cost Palestinian Authority millions in lost funds

James Murdoch back in hot seat after email release

Wed 2 Nov, AT 07:52 The Mole

News International execs were warned by counsel about phone hacking culture in June 2008

'Something must be done': Nick Clegg breaks coalition lines

Mon 31 Oct, AT 10:35 The Mole

But Clegg's £1bn local jobs plan does not appear to involve any 'new money'

Welcome baby number seven billion – we're still here

Mon 31 Oct, AT 06:01 Richard Ehrman

Doomsayers got it wrong on population – here's hoping climate change won't be a catastrophe either

Tillikum the slave whale deserves his day in court

Sat 29 Oct, AT 09:22 Alexander Cockburn

There was a time when animals did have rights – they even came to court dressed in human clothes

Duh! Cameron wakes up to the EU directives threat

Fri 28 Oct, AT 08:57 The Mole

The City is under 'constant attack' says the PM. But will Europe's inner 17 care what he thinks?

Two-tier Europe is here - how long before UK wants out?

Thu 27 Oct, AT 13:14 The Mole

Markets cheer €1 trillion deal to save the euro, but political ramifications are enormous