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Stop rescuing the boat people, Italian right demands

Wed 23 Apr, AT 08:22 Andrea Vogt

The Italian navy is helping run a taxi service says MP as biblical exodus from Africa tops EU election agenda

Italy's radical Matteo Renzi gets Obama and Cameron on side

Wed 2 Apr, AT 09:23 Andrea Vogt

Vow to reduce bloated government and decision to sell off car fleet gets Italians behind Renzi, too

Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi to the rescue: can 'Italy's Tony Blair' deliver?

Tue 18 Feb, AT 10:08 Andrea Vogt

He claims to be outside the establishment - so why did he hold a meeting with the dreaded Berlusconi?

Knox and Sollecito: justice revisited in prime time

Wed 5 Feb, AT 11:17 Andrea Vogt

A soundbite in the court of public opinion is so much easier than wading through all that legal evidence

Amanda Knox is a convicted killer: the decision is (almost) final

Fri 31 Jan, AT 10:30 Andrea Vogt

The media may take her side, but Amanda Knox's guilt has been upheld by a serious court of law

Amanda Knox's fugitive fears: she's right to be worried

Thu 16 Jan, AT 12:35 Andrea Vogt

More than six years after Meredith Kercher’s death, Amanda Knox is about to discover her fate

Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga jail term divides opinion in Italy

Tue 25 Jun, AT 09:58 Andrea Vogt

Some called it a disgrace, others celebrated. The ex-PM may dodge jail but his legal woes are deepening

Dismal sales of Perugia memoir leave Amanda Knox in a fix

Tue 21 May, AT 15:59 Andrea Vogt

Sales of Waiting to be Heard are way down on US expectations – and the lawyers' bills are mounting

Amanda Knox

'Omissions and discrepancies' in Amanda Knox's memoir

Wed 1 May, AT 16:10 Andrea Vogt

Letters the American wrote to her lawyers contradict some of the details in her $4m autobiography

Amanda Knox wanted for retrial over Meredith Kercher murder

Tue 26 Mar, AT 11:46 Andrea Vogt

Appeal decision to acquit young Seattle woman and her Italian boyfriend was 'full of holes', court agrees

cardinal Angelo Scola pope 120313

Angelo Scola deemed favourite for Pope as cardinals huddle

Tue 12 Mar, AT 16:35 Andrea Vogt

The Archbishop of Milan is the name on many lips - there’s still no clear-cut frontrunner

Gridlock in Italy after huge protest vote for comedian Beppe Grillo

Tue 26 Feb, AT 10:05 Andrea Vogt

Fresh elections could be necessary as uncertain outcome spooks markets and fellow Europeans

Beppe Grillo 210213

Youth of Italy back comic Beppe Grillo over political heavies

Thu 21 Feb, AT 09:27 Andrea Vogt

He's a danger to democracy, says Berlusconi, but Grillo's camper van trip across Italy is making waves

Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia: UK directors to be named responsible for capsize

Wed 9 Jan, AT 17:09 Andrea Vogt

Criminal complaint says Carnival directors 'not only tolerated but promoted' ship salute that led to tragedy

Costa Concordia

Five blunders that doomed the cruise ship Costa Concordia

Mon 15 Oct, AT 08:50 Andrea Vogt

Black box evidence points to language problems, the wrong map and a long-delayed evacuation

Costa Concordia

Traumatised survivors ready to sue as Costa captain faces judges

Fri 12 Oct, AT 10:49 Andrea Vogt

On eve of Italian criminal inquest, lawyers in US and France are ready to pounce if justice does not prevail

Topless Kate photos: what's all the fuss about, asks Italy

Mon 17 Sep, AT 11:28 Andrea Vogt

As Chi goes on sale with 50 controversial photographs, our correspondent in Italy explains the culture gap

anarchists in Greece

Mediterranean axis of anarchism blamed for Italy terror attacks

Mon 14 May, AT 08:21 Andrea Vogt

Police probe six to ten Greek and Italian anarchists following kneecapping of Genoa nuclear engineer

SBS raid: Italians outraged - but are they being disingenuous?

Fri 9 Mar, AT 11:36 Andrea Vogt

‘The UK still moves in the nostalgia of imperial glory’ writes diplomat angered by ‘lack of consultation’

Italy bans cruise ship 'salutes' to prevent another Costa tragedy

Fri 2 Mar, AT 08:13 Andrea Vogt

On the eve of a massive investigative hearing in Italy, a government decree bans further 'fly bys'


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