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Get out there, David Cameron, and save the United Kingdom

Thu 17 Apr, AT 08:00 Crispin Black

Or go down in history as the man who lost Scotland and left England’s backdoor open to danger

Crispin Black

Boot out armchair generals who led us to Afghan defeat

Mon 7 Apr, AT 08:01 Crispin Black

Let the veterans of Helmand take over the army - we might stand a chance of winning next time

Crispin Black

Why are Polish men in London getting military call-up papers?

Mon 24 Mar, AT 11:21 Crispin Black

Poland feels vulnerable to Putin’s aggression: and let’s not forget, we’d be bound to help - as we did in 1939

Crispin Black

Cameron should be proud of his Eton education, not try to hide it

Fri 21 Mar, AT 07:54 Crispin Black

Anyway, it’s not the PM’s Etonian-ness that puts us off – it’s his professional politician-ness

Crispin Black

Flight 370: it's time the airlines live-streamed their flight data

Thu 13 Mar, AT 07:49 Crispin Black

Whatever the reason for the plane's disappearance, waiting for the black box to be discovered is crazy

Crispin Black

Ukraine solution: West should back off and support partition

Mon 3 Mar, AT 12:33 Crispin Black

If we are happy to let Scotland go (depending on the referendum), we should let Ukraine split too

Secret weapon behind Chuck Hagel’s plan to shrink US army

Tue 25 Feb, AT 12:58 Crispin Black

It’s oil. Self-sufficient in energy because of shale oil, the US no longer needs to fret about the sheiks

Crispin Black

Cameron must stop British jihadists returning from Syria

Wed 19 Feb, AT 10:27 Crispin Black

Here's a solution: forbid any British subject from travelling to Syria unless registered with a charity

Crispin Black

Britain inundated – by dismal decisions from the top brass

Wed 12 Feb, AT 09:30 Crispin Black

From the Somerset Levels to Syria, poor leadership is wearing the public patience thin

Crispin Black

Lessons from Ukraine: what if WE lost patience with politicians?

Thu 30 Jan, AT 11:52 Crispin Black

Disenchanted Britons have rioted in the past. What would it take to tip the balance today?

Crispin Black

If Vladimir Putin is seriously ill it matters to the world

Fri 24 Jan, AT 09:08 Crispin Black

His pardoning of Khodorkovsky was out of character: some suggest he is clearing his conscience

Crispin Black

It’s time the Welsh dragon was allowed to roar for the UK

Wed 15 Jan, AT 08:19 Crispin Black

While the Scots debate independence, the Welsh don’t even get a spot on the Union Flag

Ariel Sharon: whatever his faults he was a great soldier

Tue 7 Jan, AT 15:19 Crispin Black

The feat Sharon pulled off in the Yom Kippur War made him a heroic general and saviour of Israel

Crispin Black

'Hollow army' warning: general blows raspberry at Cameron

Thu 19 Dec, AT 13:11 Crispin Black

The Prime Minister hand-picked Nick Houghton as a malleable defence chief - how wrong he was

Charlize Theron reminds us of a shameful episode in our history

Wed 11 Dec, AT 09:30 Crispin Black

Some of the excesses of the apartheid era derived from British military tactics against the Boers

Crispin Black

What can Britain do about the jihadists returning from Syria?

Fri 6 Dec, AT 10:45 Crispin Black

The last time hundreds of Brits went abroad to fight was in the Spanish Civil War. This is very different

Crispin Black

Plot to kill Abu Hamza: French flair beats British laissez-faire

Tue 26 Nov, AT 08:51 Crispin Black

A fiendish and twisted plot by out-of-control French spooks - or a remarkably imaginative operation?

Crispin Black

King Richard III was a man of courage and never a child-killer

Tue 26 Nov, AT 07:30 Crispin Black

His final resting place will be decided by a court today, but who was Richard III?

Crispin Black

Covert soldiers killed unarmed civilians in Belfast? Prove it

Thu 21 Nov, AT 14:27 Crispin Black

MRF ran an ingenious 'laundry service' and a massage parlour. But an assassination squad? Unlikely

The Troubles

End to Troubles inquiries could let IRA leaders off the hook

Wed 20 Nov, AT 14:04 Crispin Black

Northern Ireland's attorney general's call for an end to inquiries comes at the wrong moment


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