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Modest Tory breakthrough in polls? It’s a definite maybe

Tue 3 Mar, AT 10:15 Don Brind

Two new polls show Tories leading Labour – while Feb average has them ahead for first time in three years

Columnist Don Brind

Tory unease grows: why are opinion polls not budging?

Mon 2 Mar, AT 06:56 Don Brind

Where’s the swing to Conservatives everyone was predicting? They’re leaving it very late…

Columnist Don Brind

Farage gets a poll boost as Ukippers meet in Margate

Fri 27 Feb, AT 09:02 Don Brind

He did well at a right-wing conference in Washington DC too, though not as well as Sarah Palin

Columnist Don Brind

Tory alarm over London seats turning Labour on 7 May

Thu 26 Feb, AT 10:01 Don Brind

Lib Dems in danger too: Simon Hughes likely to lose Bermondsey, seat he’s held for 30-plus years

Columnist Don Brind

Record number of Brits favour staying in EU as Ukip sinks

Wed 25 Feb, AT 09:03 Don Brind

As for Labour and Conservative chances on 7 May, it’s another day of ‘poller opposites’

Columnist Don Brind

Labour surge past Tories in new poll, while Ukip slump

Tue 24 Feb, AT 09:07 Don Brind

Tories still have a problem persuading voters that the positive economic news benefits all, not just the rich

Columnist Don Brind

Easy Tory win? Grant Shapps is whistling in the dark

Mon 23 Feb, AT 08:36 Don Brind

Tory chairman says they only have to win over 11,000 voters to grab victory. Wrong, says our poll-watcher

Columnist Don Brind

Drowning Ukip with silence works for Tories - up to a point

Thu 19 Feb, AT 11:59 Don Brind

By ignoring Nigel Farage, both main parties hope to keep his challenge at bay. Will it work?

Columnist Don Brind

Dave’s decline in popularity is a bigger issue than Ed’s

Wed 18 Feb, AT 08:23 Don Brind

LSE researcher Jack Blumenau has come up with a model that will have them frowning at Tory party HQ

Columnist Don Brind

Polls all over the place: it’s still an extremely close race

Tue 17 Feb, AT 08:31 Don Brind

Tories get morale boost from six-point jump month on month – but another poll shows support diving

Columnist Don Brind

Why are punters ignoring pollsters to back Tories?

Mon 16 Feb, AT 08:39 Don Brind

Loads of money was lost in 2010 backing Tories to win an overall majority. Now they're doing it again

Columnist Don Brind

Oops! Three Ashcroft polls are wrong – and Clegg is the loser

Sun 8 Feb, AT 11:11 Don Brind

Lord Ashcroft forced to apologise: Ed Miliband gets a break – he’s actually miles ahead in Doncaster

Columnist Don Brind

Lab-Lib Dem coalition ‘could work’ - without Clegg

Fri 6 Feb, AT 10:20 Don Brind

Latest thinking is that Clegg will quit rather than deal with Labour – if he’s not ousted by Sheffield voters first

Columnist Don Brind

Labour and Lib Dem bigwigs on the high road to disaster

Wed 4 Feb, AT 08:07 Don Brind

Danny Alexander and Douglas Alexander will be toppled while Alex Salmond gets an easy ride, says new polling

Columnist Don Brind

Minority government: it can work if politicians thinks big

Tue 3 Feb, AT 08:35 Don Brind

Does 1910 hold lessons for today’s politicians – if they’re prepared to form broad alliances?

Columnist Don Brind

Labour-SNP coalition adds up (if you ignore Trident issue)

Mon 2 Feb, AT 08:37 Don Brind

Projection says this is the only pairing that can win a majority – but Labour won’t budge on Trident

Columnist Don Brind

A Tory collapse in England could hand Miliband victory

Fri 30 Jan, AT 08:14 Don Brind

Yes, the SNP could win most of the seats in Scotland on 7 May – but is it England that holds the key?

Columnist Don Brind

Is compulsory voting the only way to involve the young?

Thu 29 Jan, AT 08:48 Don Brind

Should we follow Australia and make voting an obligation? It might reduce the power of older voters

Columnist Don Brind

What Cameron and Miliband could do to win on 7 May

Wed 28 Jan, AT 11:12 Don Brind

Pollsters offer advice to both leaders – and the formula for Labour is surprisingly radical

Columnist Don Brind

Will it be the Sun wot wins it for the Tories again?

Tue 27 Jan, AT 09:14 Don Brind

Paper pussyfoots over who it will back – but ‘Sunifesto’ makes it clear it can only be Cameron


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