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Trident: is Coalition avoiding the debate that could blow it apart?

Fri 1 Jun, AT 07:05 Robert Fox

In an era of proliferation, the UK might well need a new nuclear weapon – but we seem to be ploughing ahead without a debate

Robert Fox

Scottish independence vote threatens to ruin army reform

Fri 25 May, AT 08:25 Robert Fox

Names like Black Watch and Gurkhas are to stay, because Cameron doesn't fancy taking on the Scots and Joanna Lumley at once

From Yemen to Africa, al-Qaeda's latest comeback is underway

Wed 23 May, AT 09:24 Robert Fox

Assassination of Osama bin Laden and regular drone attacks have done nothing to halt the rise of a third generation al-Qaeda

Robert Fox

Hammond courts disaster with ‘unsentimental’ view of defence

Tue 8 May, AT 15:49 Robert Fox

With US and France cutting back on armed forces, UK’s defence review is already out-of-date

Robert Fox

Kabul: as the dust settles, focus turns to narco-insurgency

Mon 16 Apr, AT 07:59 Robert Fox

Fighting drugs war, CIA ‘special forces’ will soon outnumber military Special Forces in Afghanistan

As Syria summit gets underway UN pins hopes on Kofi Annan

Fri 24 Feb, AT 11:38 Robert Fox

Hillary Clinton wants a ceasefire and humanitarian aid – but Assad shows no signs of laying down arms

Marie Colvin's death: the West must now face facts in Syria

Wed 22 Feb, AT 13:23 Robert Fox

There is little excuse for governments to ignore the massacres that Colvin so eloquently recorded

Al-Qaeda alert: tentacles spread despite the killing of Bin Laden

Tue 14 Feb, AT 07:52 Robert Fox

Two massive car bombs in Syria and 100 deaths in Mali show al-Qaeda mean business again

Taliban talks: breakthrough for peace or mission impossible?

Mon 30 Jan, AT 08:09 Robert Fox

Historic moment as Mullah Omar agrees to talk to Kabul regime face to face, not through proxies

Nigeria's dangerous Islamists are a potential threat to Olympics

Tue 24 Jan, AT 07:41 Robert Fox

Boko Haram are now high on the watch list for both MI5 and MI6 in run-up to London Games

Iranian nuclear scientist killed as drums of war beat louder

Wed 11 Jan, AT 09:59 Robert Fox

Today's assassination of a scientist in Tehran will only ratchet up the talk of war and provocation

Civil war alert as Saudis and Iran take fight to Baghdad

Wed 21 Dec, AT 14:53 Robert Fox

Arrest warrant for Iraqi VP on dubious murder charges exposes growing Sunni-Shia conflict

Pakistan and the US: it's becoming deadly serious

Mon 28 Nov, AT 07:44 Robert Fox

Many Pakistanis believe Beijing should be their future protector – opening the way to a clash with India

Cairo deaths: blame the army and the Muslim Brotherhood

Mon 21 Nov, AT 14:40 Robert Fox

Only the military and the Islamists want the election to go ahead – and they appear to have cut a deal

Mario Monti not the first banker brought in to save Italy

Mon 14 Nov, AT 07:12 Robert Fox

Pensioners likely to bear the brunt as Italians buckle down to austerity regime

Russian hints that US might back Israeli attack on Iran

Tue 8 Nov, AT 07:48 Robert Fox

Scurry of diplomatic moves and rumours of war as nuclear watchdog prepares to issue Iran report

Syria: the world watches as the brutality increases

Wed 26 Oct, AT 12:09 Robert Fox

The use of violence against civilians is more glaring in Syria than in Libya - so why the inertia?

Anwar al-Awlaki

Anwar al-Awlaki - dead but is his message buried too?

Fri 30 Sep, AT 13:56 Robert Fox

Obama okayedhis targeted assassination – now the major thrust of US operations

Dead Taliban fighter in Kabul

Why the Taliban’s show of strength will continue

Wed 14 Sep, AT 08:55 Robert Fox

The Taliban want to show that Karzai’s regime will be incapable of protecting the Afghan people

Gaddafi, Karzai, Wenger: it’s time to face the truth

Fri 2 Sep, AT 08:36 Robert Fox

It's a matter of mental exhaustion not age – for some bosses, the time to quit comes early


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