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Gaddafi, Karzai, Wenger: it’s time to face the truth

Fri 2 Sep, AT 08:36 Robert Fox

It's a matter of mental exhaustion not age – for some bosses, the time to quit comes early

Libya success does NOT mean it will work again

Wed 31 Aug, AT 08:44 Robert Fox

‘Intervention lite’ may have got Nato through Libya, but Gaddafi was a very easy target

Libyan rebel

Libya today: an overthrow waiting for a strategy

Fri 26 Aug, AT 08:22 Robert Fox

There seems to be very little strategic vision of where Libya and the Libyans are going

American Black Hawk helicopter

As West pulls out, China moves in on Afghanistan

Tue 16 Aug, AT 08:24 Robert Fox

Examination of Black Hawk wreckage by Chinese engineers is just the tip of the iceberg

Hama Ramadan massacre

Syria: the tipping point for Assad’s desperate regime

Mon 1 Aug, AT 14:59 Robert Fox

The implosion of Syria will have consequences for all of us

Muslims protesters in London

We must be prepared for more Anders Breiviks

Fri 29 Jul, AT 08:21 Robert Fox

The Muslim population of Europe will undoubtedly rise – and the irrational fear will spread

Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Stoere

Anders Breivik: the story no one wanted to tell

Wed 27 Jul, AT 08:52 Robert Fox

An Islamistplot was so much more convenient for today’s narcissistic media

Pakistan tanks Afghanistan

Afghanistan: If we’re not careful, WW3 is imminent

Tue 12 Jul, AT 08:22 Robert Fox

The explosive mix that could ignite a world war in and around the Hindu Kush

Taliban; Afghanistan

Taliban talks: West grasp excuse to cut and run

Mon 20 Jun, AT 08:40 Robert Fox

Pakistan’s involvement with the Taliban and al-Qaeda makes peace far more complicated

Afghanistan war

On the Afghan frontline: it’s time to get real

Wed 1 Jun, AT 08:23 Robert Fox

After a tour of the Afghan battlefields, Robert Fox says the western plan to get out fast is nonsense

Osama bin Laden compound

Osama hideout was close by military academy

Mon 2 May, AT 11:08 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Questions about Pakistani relations with al-Qaeda can no longer be dodged

General David Petraeus

Petraeus move heralds Afghanistan rethink

Fri 29 Apr, AT 11:05 Robert Fox

Washington changes comes as David Cameron seeks speedy Afghan exit

Syrians randomly fired on by Assad’s security forces

Tue 26 Apr, AT 14:36 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Social network sites get the story out as mainstream TV is unable to cover Syrian atrocities

Misrata graveyard

Libya is not Vietnam - it is the right thing to do

Wed 20 Apr, AT 13:43 Robert Fox

Sending UK and French military advisers to Libyan rebels will help, but civilians need help now

Libya exit strategy

Eastern Libya solution: set up a UN protectorate

Mon 18 Apr, AT 19:06 Robert Fox

A possible way out of the stalemate before the sociopathic Gaddafi becomes more dangerous

William Hague

Hague, Cameron flounder as Gaddafi stands firm

Wed 13 Apr, AT 13:16 Robert Fox

As Hague falters on UK’s Libya policy, Robert Fox reveals the PM was warned not to back no-fly zone

libya cartoon british intervention

Libya: London warriors ignore Obama’s caution

Wed 30 Mar, AT 08:33 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Rush to back Libyan rebels is foolhardy as more hints emerge of al-Qaeda links

pro gaddafi forces

Too late for intervention as Gaddafi pushes east

Mon 14 Mar, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Libya will be ungoverned space, with Gaddafi’s militias holding on until money runs out

Refugee crisis Libyan border

Africa on the move: why Italy fears migrant flood

Fri 4 Mar, AT 10:39 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The migrant workers trying to leave Libya are part of a much bigger picture

Colonel Gaddafi

Intervene in Libya? The post-Iraq moral dilemma

Wed 23 Feb, AT 17:56 Robert Fox

The UN’s rules are still hazy but the AU is tough on genocide – if the will to intervene is there


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