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Afghanistan war

On the Afghan frontline: it’s time to get real

Wed 1 Jun, AT 08:23 Robert Fox

After a tour of the Afghan battlefields, Robert Fox says the western plan to get out fast is nonsense

Osama bin Laden compound

Osama hideout was close by military academy

Mon 2 May, AT 11:08 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Questions about Pakistani relations with al-Qaeda can no longer be dodged

General David Petraeus

Petraeus move heralds Afghanistan rethink

Fri 29 Apr, AT 11:05 Robert Fox

Washington changes comes as David Cameron seeks speedy Afghan exit

Syrians randomly fired on by Assad’s security forces

Tue 26 Apr, AT 14:36 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Social network sites get the story out as mainstream TV is unable to cover Syrian atrocities

Misrata graveyard

Libya is not Vietnam - it is the right thing to do

Wed 20 Apr, AT 13:43 Robert Fox

Sending UK and French military advisers to Libyan rebels will help, but civilians need help now

Libya exit strategy

Eastern Libya solution: set up a UN protectorate

Mon 18 Apr, AT 19:06 Robert Fox

A possible way out of the stalemate before the sociopathic Gaddafi becomes more dangerous

William Hague

Hague, Cameron flounder as Gaddafi stands firm

Wed 13 Apr, AT 13:16 Robert Fox

As Hague falters on UK’s Libya policy, Robert Fox reveals the PM was warned not to back no-fly zone

libya cartoon british intervention

Libya: London warriors ignore Obama’s caution

Wed 30 Mar, AT 08:33 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Rush to back Libyan rebels is foolhardy as more hints emerge of al-Qaeda links

pro gaddafi forces

Too late for intervention as Gaddafi pushes east

Mon 14 Mar, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Libya will be ungoverned space, with Gaddafi’s militias holding on until money runs out

Refugee crisis Libyan border

Africa on the move: why Italy fears migrant flood

Fri 4 Mar, AT 10:39 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The migrant workers trying to leave Libya are part of a much bigger picture

Colonel Gaddafi

Intervene in Libya? The post-Iraq moral dilemma

Wed 23 Feb, AT 17:56 Robert Fox

The UN’s rules are still hazy but the AU is tough on genocide – if the will to intervene is there

Silvio Berlusconi

Crisis in Italy as allies and foes turn on Berlusconi

Wed 16 Feb, AT 13:43 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: PM aims to tough out ‘Ruby’ trial - but the voices of reason are gathering strength

Egypt protest

Cairo’s lesson: Twitter is mightier than the tank

Fri 11 Feb, AT 19:16 Robert Fox

Euphoria and a sense of wariness in Tahrir Square as Egypt’s army takes over from Mubarak

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi: caught between the law and Mafia

Wed 9 Feb, AT 10:08 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Berlusconi is pulling the country apart and angering the Mafia

Egyptians protest in Tahrir Square

Egypt on a knife edge as US seems to lose control

Mon 7 Feb, AT 07:33 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Unconvincing political talks in Cairo show Mubarak’s presence is an obstacle to progress

A patient receives a swine flu vaccination

Did last year’s flu jab open the door to swine flu?

Tue 4 Jan, AT 07:14 Robert Fox

Large number of young professionals getting swine flu is a big mystery

Tuberculosis doctor

Massive increase in TB in London to be revealed

Thu 16 Dec, AT 07:37 Robert Fox

Insanitary conditions and overcrowding in East End are to blame for return of the Dickensian disease

Tony Blair

Blair and Goldsmith: odd way to treat a lawyer

Tue 14 Dec, AT 07:39 Robert Fox

Did Tony Blair simply ignore the attorney general’s legal advice on invading Iraq when it didn’t suit him?

Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station

WikiLeaks has gone too far with terrorists’ hit list

Tue 7 Dec, AT 16:29 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: By posting US installations ‘guide’, Julian Assange gave his enemies a stick to beat him with

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

Fifa chooses two terrorist hotspots in Russia & Qatar

Fri 3 Dec, AT 12:26 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Islamists threaten Russia while Qatar makes ‘little effort’ to beat al-Qaeda... Nice choice, Fifa


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