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Tony Blair

Blair and Goldsmith: odd way to treat a lawyer

Tue 14 Dec, AT 07:39 Robert Fox

Did Tony Blair simply ignore the attorney general’s legal advice on invading Iraq when it didn’t suit him?

Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station

WikiLeaks has gone too far with terrorists’ hit list

Tue 7 Dec, AT 16:29 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: By posting US installations ‘guide’, Julian Assange gave his enemies a stick to beat him with

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

Fifa chooses two terrorist hotspots in Russia & Qatar

Fri 3 Dec, AT 12:26 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Islamists threaten Russia while Qatar makes ‘little effort’ to beat al-Qaeda... Nice choice, Fifa

Barack Obama

US mistrusts its friends almost as much as its foes

Mon 29 Nov, AT 14:30 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Leaked cables offer insight into US thinking - and suggest new conflict in the Middle East

Missile vapour trail Los Angeles

LA vapour trail mystery: was it a Chinese missile?

Fri 19 Nov, AT 07:24 Robert Fox

The real possibility of a Chinese missile system to rival Trident adds new dimension to naval race

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi: world awaits the final aria

Fri 5 Nov, AT 07:41 Robert Fox

On the eve of a lurid divorce trial, the Italian PM now claims there’s a vendetta against him

French soldier and a British soldier in Afghanistan

Britain and France fighting together: it makes sense

Tue 2 Nov, AT 07:41 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Ignore the Little England headlines - our troops have served under the French before

Tariq Aziz

Saddam henchman Tariq Aziz sentenced to death

Tue 26 Oct, AT 15:12 Robert Fox

A Christian and former journalist, he became the face of Saddam’s regime - and a lethal lieutenant

Iraq war

WikiLeaks latest: Assange has helped serve the truth

Sun 24 Oct, AT 14:02 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: War ‘news’ is no longer the preserve of politicians and generals

Ark Royal British Navy, aircraft carrier

Britain can fight again - but as a featherweight

Wed 20 Oct, AT 09:00 Robert Fox

Robert Fox examines Britain’s first strategic defence review in 12 years

US marine in Afghanistan

New US Afghan policy: let’s get out of here fast

Fri 15 Oct, AT 09:37 Robert Fox

Dutch report paints grim picture of US Marines’ recent achievements in Afghanistan

Linda Norgrove, aid worker killed in Afghanistan

Linda Norgrove rescue attempt: what went wrong?

Tue 12 Oct, AT 22:44 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: General Petraeus’s response to Linda Norgrove’s death suggests he is worried about Anglo-American relations

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

We have entered the age of military cyber attacks

Tue 5 Oct, AT 15:25 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Iran is the target this time – but are we ready for the West to be targeted next?

Predator drone

Commando terror ‘threat’ suits army argument nicely

Wed 29 Sep, AT 16:34 Robert Fox

Generals want to crush Haqqani and al-Qaeda militants before US and UK troops leave Afghanistan

Liam Fox

Strategic defence review looking like a train crash

Tue 21 Sep, AT 15:01 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Friday was meant to be decision day - but a lack of agreement forces postponement

British soldiers in the Falklands War

Britain is likely to lose a second Falklands War

Tue 14 Sep, AT 10:12 Robert Fox

If the Argentines try again to take the islands, new UK policy means there will be little resistance

US Marines in Afghanistan

‘Troops Out!’ call from leading Tory think tank

Wed 8 Sep, AT 07:07 Robert Fox

Allied force in Afghanistan is out of proportion to the Taliban threat, says IISS. Yes, but...

British army commando aims rifle

Cuts mean Britain can no longer go to war

Fri 3 Sep, AT 15:34 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The proposed defence cuts mean Sierra Leone and Kosovo will not be an option in future

Taliban election strategy: kill the candidates

Wed 1 Sep, AT 15:57 Robert Fox

As Obama acknowledges the ‘huge price’ paid in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan takes another ugly turn

Julian Assange Wikileaks

Julian Assange, the man who wants to play God

Mon 23 Aug, AT 08:16 Robert Fox

Swedes charge Assange with rape – but then drop it. The latest episode of this story is pure Larsson


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