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Hans Blix

Was Saddam a danger to the world? No, says Blix

Wed 28 Jul, AT 08:07 Robert Fox

So why did Bush and Blair take us to war? Robert Fox on Hans Blix’s powerful testimony to Chilcot

David Kelly

Dr Kelly ‘exterminated’ by agents: true or false?

Mon 26 Jul, AT 16:45 Robert Fox

Robert Fox on the growing suspicion that the Iraq inquiries are meant to pull the wool over our eyes

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller

Former MI5 chief exposes Blair’s Iraq War pretence

Tue 20 Jul, AT 18:41 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Manningham- Buller’s damning indictment could be Chilcot’s most significant testimony

Jock Stirrup British army

PR cock-up as army faces biggest cuts since WW2

Mon 14 Jun, AT 08:31 Robert Fox

Liam Fox says Stirrup will go early – but why is he overseeing drastic cuts he won’t be seeing through?

Protestors act demonstrate waterboarding

Doctors accused of helping refine US torture methods

Tue 8 Jun, AT 08:27 Robert Fox

Spectre of Josef Mengele raised by Physicians for Human Rights group – but CIA denounces report

Hamid Karzai and Barack Obama in Washington

Britain has to explain its presence in ‘new Vietnam’

Mon 17 May, AT 15:11 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: As the Afghan insurgents appear to gather strength, vague US policy is not good enough

Gordon Brown at the Chilcot inquiry

Gordon Brown’s triumph, Chilcot’s failure

Fri 5 Mar, AT 18:11 Robert Fox

Robert Fox witnesses a blizzard of statistics but no Blair-style niceties

Iraq war

Warnings of chaos in Iraq as US prepares to pull out

Tue 2 Mar, AT 07:34 Robert Fox

‘Just because you invade a country stupidly doesn’t mean you have to exit it stupidly,’ says Iraq watcher

Dutch troops in Afghanistan

Bad day for Netherlands, now Europe’s dodgy ally

Mon 22 Feb, AT 06:41 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Dutch have opened the door to a racist prime minister and ruined their reputation in Europe

High security in Pakistan after the arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar

Baradar arrest: did ISI double-cross Americans?

Fri 19 Feb, AT 11:29 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Why Pakistan’s notorious intelligence service could be up to its old tricks

Binyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh hit: finger points to Mossad

Wed 17 Feb, AT 15:26 Robert Fox

Robert Fox on the parallels between this assassination and the 1997 attempt to kill Khaled Mashal

Taliban attack in Pakistan

US deaths in Pakistan raise awkward questions

Fri 5 Feb, AT 07:12 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: What are US troops doing in Pakistan - and is it lawful?

US Patriot missile in Israel

What to do about Iran is troubling UK and US

Tue 2 Feb, AT 06:50 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The threat from Tehran exposes the west’s dilemma – a level of defence it cannot afford

Sir Michael Wood and Elizabeth Wilmshurst

Chilcot: lawyers expose illegality of Iraq war

Wed 27 Jan, AT 07:09 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: All eyes on Blair after devastating evidence of Elizabeth Wilmshurst

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell will one day regret defending Blair

Wed 13 Jan, AT 17:47 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: While Campbell protested his and Blair’s innocence, Dutch report exposed the truth

Rupert Hamer

Reporter’s death shows war at crossroads

Mon 11 Jan, AT 06:54 Robert Fox

Six weeks ago, Marines boasted about the absence of Taliban in the very area where Hamer died

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Radical Islam: the clues are in Britain, not Yemen

Mon 4 Jan, AT 06:34 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The West’s reaction to the Detroit air bomb plot is too simplistic

Amanda Knox

Nothing ‘Third World’ about Italian justice

Wed 9 Dec, AT 17:20 Robert Fox

The abuse of the Perugia judge and court following Amanda Knox’s conviction is staggeringly ill-informed

Stanley McChrystal

General McChrystal: ‘It’s the end of the beginning’

Wed 2 Dec, AT 07:41 Robert Fox

US now has overwhelming strength in Helmand, while Special Forces raise stakes against Taliban


Western democracy is not what Afghanistan needs

Tue 3 Nov, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

‘Bottom-up’ tribal system would have been the best way to stop corruption


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