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Western democracy is not what Afghanistan needs

Tue 3 Nov, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

‘Bottom-up’ tribal system would have been the best way to stop corruption

US Marines in Afghanistan

Obama has days not weeks to decide on Afghanistan

Fri 30 Oct, AT 08:56 Robert Fox

Why the generals want to fight the Taliban on two fronts – and why they need to start soon

Italian soldiers in Herat, Afghanistan

Bribing the Taliban: the Italians have form

Thu 15 Oct, AT 16:34 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: They’ve been accused of doing this before – in Iraq and Somalia

General Sir Richard Dannatt

‘Tumbledown Dick Dannatt’: Dave buys a pup

Thu 8 Oct, AT 13:07 Robert Fox

The former army chief is not the bright visionary a new government needs

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh letters reveal all

Wed 7 Oct, AT 10:43 Robert Fox

The publication of 800 letters written by or addressed to Vincent Van Gogh is an unprecented window into the artist's private life

Stephen Farrell

Rescuing journalist Farrell was a risk worth taking

Thu 10 Sep, AT 15:32 Robert Fox

Reporter was hunting genuine story, and Special Forces would have welcomed the chance to engage with the Taliban to gain valuable intelligence

Hutton’s half-cocked cuts are no use to anyone

Thu 11 Dec, AT 00:00 Robert Fox

The Ministry of Defence ought to have a properly costed review of all its commitments – just don’t expect one this side of a general election

UK troops needed to save Kabul from Taliban forces

Mon 8 Dec, AT 00:00 Robert Fox

The decision to focus our forces in the south of the country will be reversed and a division-strength unit put under the control of General Petraeus

Mumbai: why al-Qaeda cannot be ruled out

Fri 5 Dec, AT 12:51 Robert Fox

The West must sharpen its intelligence gathering to pick up on the ever-evolving tactics and personnel of Islamist terrorist groups

Questions from Mumbai

Mon 1 Dec, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

Robert Fox on the immediate questions raised by Mumbai, not only in India but across the world

Is America ready to dump President Karzai?

Wed 8 Oct, AT 09:34 Robert Fox

With their Nato allies in disarray, the US could use a more pliant Afghan leader, says Robert Fox

Taliban strikes show US doesn’t trust Pakistan

Fri 12 Sep, AT 14:47 Robert Fox

Pakistan is furious at illegal US strikes against the Taliban on its territory, says Robert Fox

Eyewitnesses to history: from Pliny to 9/11

Thu 11 Sep, AT 10:44 Robert Fox

On the anniversary of September 11, Robert Fox looks at how observers find the right words

Abandoned poodle shunned by US and Europe

Tue 2 Sep, AT 01:00 Robert Fox

Britain’s international reputation is so bad even the US is sidelining its former poodle, says Robert Fox

Miliband ratchets up the rhetoric against Russia

Wed 27 Aug, AT 15:50 Robert Fox

The Foreign Secretary’s calls for a coalition against Russia could lead to war, warns Robert Fox

Divided Nato must rethink its purpose

Tue 19 Aug, AT 09:53 Robert Fox

The Georgian crisis has shown up the anachronism of the defence organisation, says Robert Fox

Suicide bombers: a message from al-Qaeda

Tue 29 Jul, AT 10:11 Robert Fox

Relative calm in Iraq has been interrupted by the followers of al-Zarqawi, says Robert Fox

Why is Ratko Mladic so hard to find?

Mon 28 Jul, AT 09:50 Robert Fox

The Serb Army still holds the key to the mystery of Mladic’s whereabouts, says Robert Fox

The timing of Brown’s Knesset speech is ominous

Mon 21 Jul, AT 17:10 Robert Fox

It’s not only hawks who believe Israel is on the verge of nuclear war with Iran, says Robert Fox

US and Israel should beware of taking on Iran

Thu 3 Jul, AT 16:37 Robert Fox

Iran is well able to retaliate against any attack on their nuclear facilities, says Robert Fox


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