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Clegg wants 'big hitter' Huhne back – if he escapes conviction

Fri 3 Feb, AT 15:26 The Mole

Chris Huhne was a thorn in Cameron's side and the Lib Dems will miss him in Cabinet


Huhne's career on a knife-edge as he resigns to fight charges

Fri 3 Feb, AT 11:14 The Mole

Cabinet minister and ex-wife face jail time if it is proved that they perverted the course of justice


Thanks, bro! David Miliband hits out just as Ed is doing better

Thu 2 Feb, AT 09:34 The Mole

Just when Labour MPs had something to cheer about, David's article turns up like a turd in the post


Cameron in Brussels: not so much a U-turn, more a black flip

Tue 31 Jan, AT 15:07 The Mole

David Davis leads Tory backlash after PM allows European Court to enforce eurozone fiscal pact

Phew! Surely Stephen Hester will get his knighthood now

Mon 30 Jan, AT 09:42 The Mole

By declining his £1m shares bonus, Hester may have helped Cameron avert a national strike


Sir Fred Goodwin 'to get de-knighted this week’

Wed 25 Jan, AT 13:00 The Mole

Little-known Honours Forfeiture Committee set to reduce banker to plain Mr Goodwin


PM 'aims to create 60 new Tory peers' to stop more defeats

Tue 24 Jan, AT 09:21 The Mole

Rumours rife that David Cameron plans to pack the Lords with new Tories in a bid to 'stop the rot'


Back-pedalling Duncan Smith tries to head off Lords revolt

Mon 23 Jan, AT 10:15 The Mole

Benefit cap will not harm those who want to work - 'I am not here to punish them,' says IDS


Livingstone overtakes Boris in London mayoral poll shock

Thu 19 Jan, AT 14:41 The Mole

Boris the celeb is popular, but Boris the politician is showing his weaknesses against the veteran Ken


Ed stands by as Dave steals his thunder on 'moral capitalism'

Thu 19 Jan, AT 10:36 The Mole

If Cameron was a writer, Ed Miliband would be suing him for plagiarism, a Labour aide moans


Lame duck Nick Clegg caught in Barmy Boris's propeller

Wed 18 Jan, AT 10:08 The Mole

Cameron takes Boris Island airport seriously – but is it a ruse to help get Johnson re-elected mayor?


Why the Queen might not want a privately sponsored yacht

Tue 17 Jan, AT 11:36 The Mole

Idea was proposed before – but the Queen didn't want 'Virgin' written on Britannia's funnel


Boris Johnson holes Capt Dave Cameron below the waterline

Mon 16 Jan, AT 09:20 The Mole

Mayor causes fury by comparing PM's handling of Scottish referendum to cruise ship capsize


Ugly! Spin doctors groan as Ed and Humphrys clash on ‘Today’

Tue 10 Jan, AT 09:35 The Mole

BBC Radio presenter deflates Miliband’s balloon with reference to ‘too ugly’ Robin Cook


Labour fury as Ed lets PM make the running on a 'fairer' Britain

Mon 9 Jan, AT 07:56 The Mole

The best hope is that David Miliband will stop sulking and decide to help his brother out


Diane Abbott 'whites' tweet: was there a Tory stitch-up?

Fri 6 Jan, AT 11:58 The Mole

Louise Mensch's retweet of Abbott's controversial comment paved way for other Tory complaints


Lawrence verdict alone won't stop black anger, PM is told

Wed 4 Jan, AT 10:43 The Mole

Jesse Jackson and Lee Jasper say coalition must include black community in policy making

Real-life hacks beware: police hope to press charges soon

Tue 3 Jan, AT 07:39 The Mole

But with the welter of celebrity evidence and now a TV satire, can anyone hope for a fair trial?


Desperate PM calls on Three Wise Men and One Woman

Wed 21 Dec, AT 08:57 The Mole

Number Ten has to persuade us – in Churchill’s phrase – that we’re heading for the sunlit uplands

Ottaway is Mole's backbencher of the year for Afghan alert

Mon 19 Dec, AT 07:27 The Mole

Tory grandee Richard Ottaway took a a big risk to sound the warning bell on Afghanistan


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