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Osborne ridiculed for putting up Chloe, 30, to explain 3p U-turn

Wed 27 Jun, AT 07:43 The Mole

Why did the Chancellor sacrifice a hapless junior last night? Because he's seen Armageddon in the Treasury forecasts


Leveson denies 'hidden agenda' to stifle press freedom

Mon 25 Jun, AT 15:06 The Mole

But he admits contacting Cabinet Secretary to ask whether Gove's speech reflected government thinking


Welfare: new blue Cameron seeks to out-Thatcher Maggie

Mon 25 Jun, AT 09:45 The Mole

Revelation of 'Let Down by Dave' bloc sees David Cameron abandoning compassionate Conservatism


Michael Gove delights Tories with 'bonkers' O-levels idea

Fri 22 Jun, AT 08:11 The Mole

The more the Education Secretary upsets the Lib Dems, the more grassroots Conservatives crave him as their next leader


Cameron treats the press pack mean on Mexico summit trip

Wed 20 Jun, AT 15:45 The Mole

Reports of blackmail and leaky buses filter back from the frontline of geopolitics


Purge of the Blairites takes Labour back to the 1970s

Wed 20 Jun, AT 07:55 The Mole

The GMB union's campaign to ban think tank Progress has a period ring to it


Lib Dems use Tory peer's AmEx dinners to push Lords reform

Tue 19 Jun, AT 08:36 The Mole

Lord Fink's offer of dinner in the House of Lords for American Express clients shows why change is needed, say Lib Dems


Cameron and Clegg head to New World as Coalition civil war flares

Mon 18 Jun, AT 09:50 The Mole

While the Tory and Lib Dem leaders fly off to G20 and Rio+20 summits, their MPs are fighting for the soul of the government


West End hit 'Leveson' nearly over, but why did Cameron produce it?

Fri 15 Jun, AT 09:21 The Mole

David Cameron's appearance all-but brings the curtain down on the media drama, but it wasn't really necessary


Cameron prepares for Leveson with a spot of 'war-gaming'

Thu 14 Jun, AT 07:26 The Mole

Prime Minister appears before media ethics inquiry today and has been practicing his answers to some very tricky questions


Tories on warpath after Bercow says it's OK to call Hunt liar

Wed 13 Jun, AT 17:52 The Mole

Jeremy Hunt survives confidence vote, but Speaker causes uproar by allowing Labour MP to accuse him of lying


Cameron ruins Labour's Hunt vote with letter from Sir Alex

Wed 13 Jun, AT 13:42 The Mole

Prime Minister claims his adviser on the ministerial code has said he cannot help with Jeremy Hunt affair


Save Jeremy Hunt: Tory MP quits Mauritius honeymoon to vote

Wed 13 Jun, AT 09:12 The Mole

David Cameron wants all hands on deck after Nick Clegg told Lib Dems to abstain in vote on Hunt's conduct


John Major suggests Rupert Murdoch lied to Leveson

Tue 12 Jun, AT 13:37 The Mole

Former Conservative PM claims Murdoch did ask him to change his policy in return to media support


Leveson hears George Osborne and Gordon Brown’s flights of fancy

Mon 11 Jun, AT 17:22 The Mole

The Chancellor called the former PM a ‘fantasist’ at Leveson today, but his own evidence was met with scepticism


Five questions Leveson must ask George Osborne

Mon 11 Jun, AT 07:33 The Mole

After hiring Andy Coulson and hobnobbing with James Murdoch, the Chancellor has a lot of explaining to do


Cameron dilemma: euro 'banking union' could force Tobin tax

Thu 7 Jun, AT 10:24 The Mole

PM knows the eurozone needs to form a 'banking union' to escape crisis, but he fears the consequences for the City


Conservative whodunnit: someone is out to get Baroness Warsi

Tue 5 Jun, AT 10:02 The Mole

With Warsi under investigation, how long before cries of 'hypocrisy' force Cameron's hand on Hunt?


Leveson: Cameron clears Hunt despite new Murdoch texts

Thu 31 May, AT 17:20 The Mole

PM will not order inquiry after Hunt comes under fire over Murdoch ties at Leveson


Buzzards benefit from flip-flop government's latest U-turn

Wed 30 May, AT 15:44 The Mole

Plans to destroy buzzard nests to protect pheasants for shooting parties are dropped


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