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David Cameron screwed up agreed negotiating plan, says Ashdown

Tue 13 Dec, AT 07:56 The Mole

Former Lib Dem leader explains the anger that led Clegg to absent himself from the Commons


Lib Dem fury at Cameron could trigger early election

Mon 12 Dec, AT 10:59 The Mole

Danny Alexander tries to persuade Humphrys the coalition is still worth it – but he’s not convincing

In or out? Bulldog Cameron to face calls for EU referendum

Fri 9 Dec, AT 09:32 The Mole

Now isolated on the sidelines of Europe, should Britain continue to be a member at all?


Demands for referendum push David Cameron to the brink

Thu 8 Dec, AT 09:45 The Mole

Mayor Boris Johnson joins Tory MPs and the British public in requesting a referendum


Whispering campaign haunts Ed 'can he hack it?' Miliband

Wed 7 Dec, AT 08:49 The Mole

Demands for his removal expected to reach fever pitch if Ken loses to Boris in London again


Bring on the fire-eaters – has PM taken leave of his senses?

Tue 6 Dec, AT 13:02 The Mole

Backbenchers aghast at extra £40m to be spent on London Olympic ceremonies

Week one of the 'Fourth Reich' – or last week of the euro?

Mon 5 Dec, AT 08:23 The Mole

Some Tory MPs are getting ready to celebrate the fall of the euro - 'It could end the pain more quickly'

Danny Alexander admits the truth: £28.8bn unaccounted for

Wed 30 Nov, AT 08:10 The Mole

Another Paxo moment: Chief Secretary to the Treasury fesses up to unplanned debts

Sombre Osborne: it’s bad and a euro crash will make it worse

Tue 29 Nov, AT 15:02 The Mole

Public sector workers get more grim news as they prepare to strike over pensions – a pay cut

George Osborne: killing us softly with his No Plan B

Mon 28 Nov, AT 09:21 The Mole

And there’s more grim news due on Wednesday, which means the strike is a useful diversion

David Cameron hints at freeze on petrol duty – a good move

Wed 23 Nov, AT 15:26 The Mole

Clear suggestion that George Osborne will back motorists in upcoming Autumn Statement

'Hatchet job': Hugh Grant's OTHER claim against the Mail

Tue 22 Nov, AT 08:16 The Mole

What was the motive behind Amanda Platell's column about the 'oleaginous lounge-lizard'?

Boris Johnson breaks ranks on Europe - so what's he up to?

Mon 21 Nov, AT 09:13 The Mole

Mayor's intervention makes it even more difficult for PM to win over his eurosceptic backbenchers

Number Ten concerned by 'Nazi' depiction of Merkel

Fri 18 Nov, AT 10:01 The Mole

Will Cameron return from Berlin bearing 'a piece of paper' saying there's no need for a referendum?

Record jobless figures: time ministers pulled out fingers

Wed 16 Nov, AT 11:01 The Mole

Meanwhile, Paxo gets stuffed as he tells jobless graduates to lower their expectations

Theresa May saved by the bell as Brodie Clark stands firm

Tue 15 Nov, AT 15:04 The Mole

Former borders agency boss denies he's a 'rogue officer' - suggesting the Home Secretary lied

Culture committee 'split' on censuring James Murdoch

Mon 14 Nov, AT 09:05 The Mole

Tom Watson will try to stop whitewash but Crone and Myler look like being the fallguys

Stonewall Murdoch: can he remain BSkyB chairman?

Thu 10 Nov, AT 16:53 The Mole

James Murdoch gets through another grilling in Parliament - but his competence is in question

Tom Watson accuses James Murdoch of Mafia activities

Thu 10 Nov, AT 12:12 The Mole

'You must be the first Mafia boss in history who didn't know he was running a criminal enterprise'

Theresa May and the Curse of the Home Office

Wed 9 Nov, AT 07:27 The Mole

Home Secretary risks apearing a lame duck after UK border chief decides to sue for dismissal


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