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Nadine Dorries 'no vote' adds to Tories' child benefit pain

Tue 6 Mar, AT 10:20 The Mole

Split over controversial welfare cut puts Osborne on the rack over this month's Budget


Who needs Steve Hilton when you have a 'run-the-UK' app

Mon 5 Mar, AT 09:20 The Mole

David Cameron will be able to summon up instant stats and polls on his iPad – but will it be enough?


From the horse's mouth: Dave may have to explain Raisa

Fri 2 Mar, AT 11:37 The Mole

Press obsession sounds like horseshit – but it shows Dave's closeness to the NI crowd


Pickles and Osborne – return of the green belt bogeymen

Fri 2 Mar, AT 08:00 The Mole

Coalition expected to relaunch planning reforms on the day before the March Budget


Watson set to raise axe murder under parliamentary privilege

Wed 29 Feb, AT 14:16 The Mole

Tom Watson, scourge of Murdoch, is expected to make new claims about murder of private eye


Show-a-leg Allegra spills Cabinet beans on Newsnight

Wed 29 Feb, AT 08:38 The Mole

BBC reporter reveals tensions inside Cabinet as Cable prepares another business-bashing outing


No 10 volte face allows Lords amendments to NHS bill

Mon 27 Feb, AT 15:08 The Mole

Lansley's controversial bill takes a step closer to becoming law – but many medics remain opposed


Ed Miliband to speak without notes – but will he appear mad?

Mon 27 Feb, AT 08:51 The Mole

Ed will ignore John Prescott’s advice to put his ‘bloody jacket’ on – but there is another cunning plan...


Emma Harrison quits, raising more questions about Dave

Fri 24 Feb, AT 08:18 The Mole

'Poster girl for privatisation' – or another example of Cameron picking unsuitable moneyed friends?


Knocksy Foxy steps in as Tory MPs lose patience with coalition

Wed 22 Feb, AT 08:54 The Mole

Liam Fox and CBI demand tax breaks to help growth as backbenchers moan about lack of Tory values


Why Andrew Lansley has to go – for health reasons

Tue 21 Feb, AT 07:45 The Mole

If Cameron wants to reassure voters, how about Lib Dem David Laws as Lansley’s replacement?


Payback time as Ed Miliband faces angry Unite showdown

Mon 20 Feb, AT 08:56 The Mole

Pressure grows as Labour NEC member threatens an 'Arab Spring' move to find new party leader


Inflation down, but Moody's alert should be troubling Osborne

Tue 14 Feb, AT 10:06 The Mole

John Humphrys lets Chancellor off the hook by not quizzing him on failure to foster growth


What to do about Rupert? Sun crisis threatens coalition split

Mon 13 Feb, AT 10:37 The Mole

Senior Lib Dems believe Murdoch's right to broadcast needs revisiting in light of arrests


Cameron stands by deadbeat Lansley – but for how long?

Wed 8 Feb, AT 08:36 The Mole

New YouGov poll putting Labour five points ahead shows Cameron out of step with public


Blairites get twitchy as Chuka claims another fat cat scalp

Tue 7 Feb, AT 07:50 The Mole

Labour pulls closer in the polls – but David Miliband and co fear Labour appearing anti-business


Wind farm-bashing Tories give Ed Davey a baptism of fire

Mon 6 Feb, AT 07:52 The Mole

Subsidies appear safe, but it's changes to planning laws that could really scupper wind farms

Clegg wants 'big hitter' Huhne back – if he escapes conviction

Fri 3 Feb, AT 15:26 The Mole

Chris Huhne was a thorn in Cameron's side and the Lib Dems will miss him in Cabinet


Huhne's career on a knife-edge as he resigns to fight charges

Fri 3 Feb, AT 11:14 The Mole

Cabinet minister and ex-wife face jail time if it is proved that they perverted the course of justice


Thanks, bro! David Miliband hits out just as Ed is doing better

Thu 2 Feb, AT 09:34 The Mole

Just when Labour MPs had something to cheer about, David's article turns up like a turd in the post


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