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Were Woolwich killers known to MI5? Cameron doesn't deny it

Thu 23 May, AT 13:20 The Mole

Prime Minister says there will be no 'knee-jerk reaction' to brutal killing and life must go on as normal

Should Parliament be recalled to show united front on Woolwich?

Thu 23 May, AT 09:12 The Mole

Recall would allow government to show leadership against jihadists – and against any far-right backlash

Cameron and the gay schoolboys: is this how to win over Tory rebels?

Wed 22 May, AT 10:51 The Mole

PM says he's proud of his government's reforming style but promises to stick to 'the big picture' from now on

Will David Cameron face a confidence vote? It's on the cards

Tue 21 May, AT 10:31 The Mole

Tory backbenchers are seething over 'Swivelgate' and yesterday's gay marriage plot with Ed Miliband

Loveless marriage of Cameron and the Tories hits the rocks

Mon 20 May, AT 10:34 The Mole

There's more to this than 'Swivelgate' and the Gay Marriage Bill - the Tories want their party back

Ken Clarke's position in doubt as war looms over EU referendum

Thu 16 May, AT 12:05 The Mole

Bill to guarantee referendum gets three-line whip: how will the Cabinet's last europhile deal with it?

Lord Falconer: would you buy a right-to-die bill from this man?

Wed 15 May, AT 10:42 The Mole

Falconer has a long history of good intentions – but the consequences have not always been pretty

Nigel Farage's 'joint ticket' offer could be an election winner

Tue 14 May, AT 11:01 The Mole

Tory MPs now dancing to UKIP leader's tune as David Cameron performs another referendum about-turn


Tory discipline breaks down as PPS vows to back EU rebels

Mon 13 May, AT 11:37 The Mole

Gove's PPS says he'll vote for rebel amendment while David Davis throws champagne party for Mad Nad

Shades of John Major as PM seeks to escape eurosceptics

Fri 10 May, AT 11:11 The Mole

Today Russia, next the States – but there's no hiding place when the Tory eurosceptics have their tails up

Thatcher adds voice to EU Out! debate from beyond the grave

Thu 9 May, AT 10:44 The Mole

Biographer Charles Moore reveals how Thatcher was advised not to admit publicly her EU exit thoughts


Immigration Bill passes buck to doctors and buy-to-let landlords

Wed 8 May, AT 13:39 The Mole

Clampdown on immigrants gaining access to welfare state at heart of Queen’s Speech – but it won’t be easy on frontline

Tories forced to re-embrace 'Mad Nad' Dorries after UKIP threat

Wed 8 May, AT 10:11 The Mole

'Posh boys' Cameron and Osborne swallow hard as Nadine Dorries looks set to return to Tory fold

Nigel Lawson bombshell gives Tory Eurosceptics renewed hope

Tue 7 May, AT 10:47 The Mole

Times man wins no friends at Number Ten after giving Lawson the platform to say it's time to leave Europe

UKIP's success will force PM even further to the right

Fri 3 May, AT 09:46 The Mole

Buoyed by election success, Nigel Farage says 'reverse takeover' of Tory party is on cards


Cameron's cunning UKIP plan: don't utter rival party's name

Wed 1 May, AT 15:09 The Mole

PM hopes silence is golden as he tries to shut down Tory disarray over party set to steal its votes

'Affable' Farage impresses despite 'liars' in UKIP ranks

Tue 30 Apr, AT 09:42 The Mole

Cigar-smoking leader wins praise as his party comes under scrutiny ahead of Thursday's local elections

Boris Johnson: Don't fear Farage, he's 'one of us'

Mon 29 Apr, AT 08:59 The Mole

London Mayor tells Ken Clarke to 'calm down' and says Tories should be 'comforted' by UKIP's rise

Jo Johnson: why PM brought another 'posh boy' into No. 10

Thu 25 Apr, AT 09:28 The Mole

David Cameron's decision to take Boris Johnson's brother into his inner circle is likely to backfire


Why borrowing figures are bad news for teary Osborne

Tue 23 Apr, AT 11:52 The Mole

Chancellor denies he's getting 'panicky' about widespread criticism of his handling of the economy


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