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Another U-turn: Cameron 'more like John Major every day'

Thu 28 Nov, AT 09:59 The Mole

Yes, but some say Ed Miliband is looking more like Neil Kinnock every day - and who won?

Fury as EU man attacks PM for fuelling migration 'hysteria'

Wed 27 Nov, AT 09:59 The Mole

Plans to stop Romanians and Bulgarians getting instant benefits are an 'over-reaction' says Laszlo


Co-op smear campaign puts political 'drugs truce' at risk

Mon 25 Nov, AT 11:14 The Mole

Osborne continues to rub Miliband's nose in Co-op cocaine scandal, despite warnings it could backfire


Flowers inquiry aims to dig dirt on Co-op's 'soft loans' to Labour

Thu 21 Nov, AT 10:47 The Mole

Ed Miliband suffers humiliation as Cameron exploits Co-op bank scandal and 'Balls a nightmare' emails

Do young people really see the Tories as 'aliens'?

Wed 20 Nov, AT 10:34 The Mole

Nick Boles thinks Generation Y can't understand Tories, but is he right?

Denis MacShane goes down tweeting: now wait for the book

Tue 19 Nov, AT 10:21 The Mole

Within hours of pleading guilty to forging receipts, ex-MP displays his customary chutzpah

Property tycoon Paul Sykes hits Cameron with double blow

Mon 18 Nov, AT 10:29 The Mole

Anti-Europe multi-millionaire backs Ukip and piles on pressure for an early EU referendum


Jack Straw confesses: Labour 'messed up' on EU immigration

Wed 13 Nov, AT 09:50 The Mole

Ed Miliband put on the spot by party elders: Straw's mea culpa comes as Blunkett issues Roma warning

'Toffs are still running Britain': what’s John Major up to?

Mon 11 Nov, AT 10:01 The Mole

Former PM speaks again – this time to stand up for the working-class Tories Cameron risks losing


Universal Credit fiasco: can Duncan Smith save his skin?

Thu 7 Nov, AT 08:48 The Mole

George Osborne said IDS wasn't clever enough: waste of millions of pounds suggests he was right


Miliband calls for cap on MPs' earnings after Pritchard claim

Wed 6 Nov, AT 10:34 The Mole

Sleaze is back on the agenda as Tory MP gets caught in Telegraph sting - but has he broken any rules?


Cameron attends Murdoch clan birthday despite Brooks trial

Tue 5 Nov, AT 10:59 The Mole

Eyebrows raised all round as Matthew Freud admits Cameron was there - having at first said he wasn’t


Cameron should give Andrew Mitchell his job back today

Tue 5 Nov, AT 09:54 The Mole

Even if he never called officers 'plebs', some Tories fear the mud has stuck. There's only one solution


Royal Charter ‘redundant’: PM gets Miller to wave white flag

Mon 4 Nov, AT 10:21 The Mole

Culture Secretary surprises all sides by agreeing that newspapers should have a chance to self-regulate


HS2 vote: PM faces Tory rebels but Miliband has real headache

Thu 31 Oct, AT 11:03 The Mole

'Battle for control' between Miliband and Balls as Labour goes into today's vote still dithering

Baby P £600k sacking: blame Ed Balls, not Sharon Shoesmith

Tue 29 Oct, AT 09:16 The Mole

Shadow chancellor’s expensive mistake over removal of Haringey official raises questions of judgment


Don't put Brooks-Coulson trial at risk with idle talk, MPs told

Mon 28 Oct, AT 09:38 The Mole

MPs warned not to commit contempt of court by debating the Old Bailey criminal trial

0.8% growth causes Tory glee: is election victory now feasible?

Fri 25 Oct, AT 10:23 The Mole

Conservatives accuse Labour of ‘hiding’ from positive GDP figure – but cost of living remains a live issue

David Cameron during PMQ's

Cameron in a corner as he says no to Major’s windfall energy tax

Wed 23 Oct, AT 13:25 The Mole

PM’s only answer is to abandon green policies: Clegg bites his lip and Zac Goldsmith calls him a muppet


Theresa May axes Go Home vans, admitting they failed

Tue 22 Oct, AT 08:13 The Mole

Only one man was persuaded to go home by Tory campaign: when will Fleet Street's finest find him?


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