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Chuka tries to wipe egg off Ed's face – but Tories cannot gloat

Mon 19 Aug, AT 11:21 The Mole

Shadow cabinet man defends Ed's record while Tories prepare for power-sharing with Lib Dems again

The spinster nurse, the £500k and a stink over party funding

Wed 14 Aug, AT 11:55 The Mole

The misuse of nurse Joan Edwards's bequest is just part of the story as all three parties' dodgy donations are disclosed

Bubble, what bubble? PM and Osborne 'trusted' on economy

Tue 13 Aug, AT 09:37 The Mole

Cameron and his Chancellor get a vote of confidence from Guardian poll – but the mortgage boom holds risks

Labour's 'half-baked' ploy to join immigration debate backfires

Mon 12 Aug, AT 09:37 The Mole

Shadow minister Chris Bryant forced to backtrack on Radio 4 as Tesco speech gets the facts wrong

We give money to Africa to stop 'them' coming here, says Cameron

Thu 8 Aug, AT 11:09 The Mole

Talk of 'bongo bongo land' is offensive says PM - before explaining his line on foreign aid with unexpected clarity


'Bongo bongo' scandal: is there a Tory plot behind the outrage?

Wed 7 Aug, AT 10:49 The Mole

Leak of Godfrey Bloom film follows Sunday Times report claiming Lynton Crosby aims to discredit UKIP politicians


What's worse for Ed? Miserable polls or sunny retail figures?

Tue 6 Aug, AT 10:54 The Mole

Latest YouGov poll puts Labour's lead over Tories at only four per cent - and then there's the economy, stupid

George Mudie attacks 'hesitant' Ed Miliband: how serious is it?

Fri 2 Aug, AT 09:23 The Mole

Veteran Labour MP is not alone in his worries that Ed Miliband cannot bring the party victory in 2015 election

30 new peers: who said the House of Lords was history?

Thu 1 Aug, AT 15:46 The Mole

Funny how they waited until the MPs had gone on holiday before announcing the new list of peers

Go home or go to jail: warning to immigrants divides coalition

Mon 29 Jul, AT 10:04 The Mole

Vince Cable attacks Home Office ploy as report shows immigration stats are 'little better than a best guess'

GDP: green shoots of recovery? Maybe. Just don't say it

Thu 25 Jul, AT 12:13 The Mole

Market reaction is muted, but Osborne and Cameron will be hoping this proves a watershed moment

Unite poll suggests Ed Miliband's funding reform plan IS suicidal

Tue 23 Jul, AT 11:19 The Mole

Same poll also shows many Unite members are far further to the right than lefty leader Len McCluskey

Lynton Crosby must drop lobby interests, Tories tell Cameron

Mon 22 Jul, AT 11:06 The Mole

Aussie strategist's conflict of interests will become a running sore if PM doesn't deal with it now

George Bush; Tony Blair

Iraq war: Chilcot warns Blair he faces criticism over invasion

Fri 19 Jul, AT 11:26 The Mole

But the potentially explosive letters between Blair and Bush look set to stay private, despite Cameron's wishes

Demob happy: Cameron gives Miliband a holiday drubbing

Wed 17 Jul, AT 14:56 The Mole

Cameron postpones reshuffle and send Tories off happy after one of the nastiest PMQs for ages

How did we fall out of love with NHS? Easy. It's election politics

Tue 16 Jul, AT 11:09 The Mole

Labour MPs see the hand of No 10 election strategist Lynton Crosby behind the current NHS horror-fest

Boosting welfare cap, Cameron gets caught out by IDS spoof

Mon 15 Jul, AT 10:50 The Mole

Chin chin, old bean: Number Ten sends Twitter followers to spoof Duncan Smith account

Will pensioners pay the price for Osborne's 'no tax rise' pledge?

Fri 12 Jul, AT 10:08 The Mole

Health, schools and pensions must be at risk, warns IFS director after Chancellor's electioneering vow

MPs recall Murdoch - but who'll defend him in Wendi's place?

Wed 10 Jul, AT 10:21 The Mole

He was so contrite when he appeared before them in 2011 - so what was that punchy encounter with Sun staff all about?


Crow: if Labour wants distance let's find another party to back

Tue 9 Jul, AT 16:09 The Mole

RMT leader dampens celebrations after Blair and McCluskey praise Miliband for finance reforms


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