Mon 20 Oct 2014, AT 17:48
An experiment has resulted in Ukip getting a big rise in support: Tories are praying it proves inaccurate
Mon 20 Oct 2014, AT 10:28
So much for cap on immigration due to win over Ukippers: PM might not even make speech now
Charles Laurence
Mon 20 Oct 2014, AT 09:06
President's refusal to stop all flights from Africa gets conspiracy theorists and TV pundits in a lather
Fri 17 Oct 2014, AT 10:52
PM’s biographer pours scorn on his proposal to put emergency brake on EU immigrants in bid to halt Ukip
Fri 17 Oct 2014, AT 10:37
News algorithms that allow you to hear only the news you want to hear carry profound disadvantages
Thu 16 Oct 2014, AT 20:37
Bombing runs on IS targets are dismissed as ‘shock and yawn’: we need those living under IS to rebel
Thu 16 Oct 2014, AT 09:54
With the midterms comes the reckoning for a man who appeared to have it all, but failed to deliver
Wed 15 Oct 2014, AT 10:58
Our poll-watcher draws up a list of MPs who face losing to Labour – or joining the Ukip bandwagon
Wed 15 Oct 2014, AT 10:03
PM launches desperate bid to stop Ukip gaining further momentum – and to save his own skin
Tue 14 Oct 2014, AT 11:37
Divide over how to implement The Vow boosts SNP and threatens Labour’s Scottish seats