Thu 26 Mar 2015, AT 09:11
Not one but two Machiavellian plots uncovered: Miliband was led into the VAT trap, it transpires
Thu 26 Mar 2015, AT 08:32
It’s billed as the tightest election for 40 years – yet only a fraction of MPs need fear losing their seats
Wed 25 Mar 2015, AT 14:29
Cameron 'wins' final PMQs before election – and it could be last ya-boo session of its kind if Ed has his way
Wed 25 Mar 2015, AT 09:20
Major study shows voters underwhelmed by Tory record: they don’t even see the party as being more ‘competent’
Tue 24 Mar 2015, AT 10:23
The Curse of the Landale Kitchen Interviews strikes again - and this time it could be serious
Mon 23 Mar 2015, AT 10:15
Tory candidate in Dudley North refuses to go quietly, claiming ‘phoney rally’ was Tommy Robinson’s idea
Mon 23 Mar 2015, AT 08:24
Observer jumps the gun with suggestion of Budget boost – all other polls show Labour still ahead
Fri 20 Mar 2015, AT 09:49
Labour attacks funding of local causes in marginal seats where coalition MPs are trying to save their bacon
Fri 20 Mar 2015, AT 08:20
Paul Johnson says Osborne’s promise that we’re better-off than in 2010 relies on a forecast, not actual data
Thu 19 Mar 2015, AT 09:50
Only two of Osborne’s Budgets have changed party fortunes – and neither time have the Tories benefited