Fri 24 Oct 2014, AT 09:19
As PM walks a tightrope in this crucial by-election, his best hope might be a win for Labour over Ukip
Thu 23 Oct 2014, AT 11:05
Ukip 13 points ahead in new Rochester poll, while Cameron is warned: it might be best to stay away
Wed 22 Oct 2014, AT 09:51
Far from offering tax cuts, George Osborne looks likely to be promising even more austerity
Wed 22 Oct 2014, AT 08:55
Cold War fears resurface as Moscow denies submarine is theirs - despite strong evidence to the contrary
Tue 21 Oct 2014, AT 11:29
Labour’s plans for a mansion tax are now a little clearer: but what will the policy cost the party?
Tue 21 Oct 2014, AT 09:43
He has spent most of his life challenging his limits: prison gives him the chance to be vulnerable at last
Mon 20 Oct 2014, AT 17:48
An experiment has resulted in Ukip getting a big rise in support: Tories are praying it proves inaccurate
Mon 20 Oct 2014, AT 10:28
So much for cap on immigration due to win over Ukippers: PM might not even make speech now
Charles Laurence
Mon 20 Oct 2014, AT 09:06
President's refusal to stop all flights from Africa gets conspiracy theorists and TV pundits in a lather
Fri 17 Oct 2014, AT 10:52
PM’s biographer pours scorn on his proposal to put emergency brake on EU immigrants in bid to halt Ukip