Fri 8 May 2015, AT 13:41
What are we to make of recent polling that shows Brits will vote to stay in EU. Is that wrong too?
Fri 8 May 2015, AT 10:27
The Tory right has got its wish: the Lib Dems are gone. Which just makes it harder for the PM
Thu 7 May 2015, AT 13:15
The Week’s poll-watcher Don Brind lists the key results to watch for if you’re staying up in front of the TV
Thu 7 May 2015, AT 10:04
Telegraph claims Miliband is plotting to seize power: Guardian says it’s a Cameron coup we should fear
Thu 7 May 2015, AT 08:45
Pollsters shows Labour and Tories tied – which means a 3.5 average swing to Labour since 2010
Wed 6 May 2015, AT 09:43
Is it fair, asks Lord O’Donnell, that Ukip and the Greens will win lots of votes and very few seats?
Wed 6 May 2015, AT 08:13
Ashcroft polling shows more agree that coalition policies have failed and 'it’s time for a change'
Tue 5 May 2015, AT 10:19
Lib Dems would lend ‘legitimacy’ because Labour would not be dependent wholly on SNP
Tue 5 May 2015, AT 08:46
Poll shows sudden rise in Tory fortunes quite at odds with general swing to Labour in the capital
Mon 4 May 2015, AT 09:37
He would challenge Labour and SNP to bring him down and make it clear they wielded the ‘bloody dagger’