British pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca rejects 'final' £69bn offer from Pfizer

One-Minute Read Mon 19 May, AT 09:39

AstraZeneca claims £55-per-share bid undervalues the company and carries a 'big execution risk'

New Apple protection to stop accidental in-app purchases

One-Minute Read Fri 14 Mar, AT 12:03

Apple introduces new warnings after children run up bills of thousands of pounds

Barclays to cut 12,000 jobs as bonuses rise but profits fall

One-Minute Read Tue 11 Feb, AT 11:41

Job losses announced as Barclays reveals disappointing pre-tax profits of £5.2bn in 2013

Satya Nadella: why Microsoft chose an engineer, not a suit

Wed 5 Feb, AT 09:15 The Conversation

Opting for scientists and engineers is a growing trend in the world of tech, says David Henderson


Facebook: How will it fare in the next ten years?

First Reaction Tue 4 Feb, AT 15:21

As Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday, questions are being asked: will it continue to soar – or fall by the wayside?

RBS sell-off could be another five years away, Cable warns

Brief Mon 12 Aug, AT 10:41

While the government prepares to begin selling taxpayers' stake in Lloyds, RBS faces a long wait

Is £23bn Omnicom-Publicis merger really a good thing?

First Reaction Mon 29 Jul, AT 13:10

Arch rivals like Coca-Cola and Pepsi suddenly find their ad agencies are owned by the same company

Apple shares go up after surprising profit announcement

Brief Wed 24 Jul, AT 12:48

Good iPhone sales offer comfort to investors as Apple shares rise in after-hours trading

Formula One

Formula One avoids paying millions in tax to UK

One-Minute Read Wed 24 Jul, AT 10:38

British-based company used complex techniques to pay only £1m corporation tax on £305m profit

iPhone sales are dropping as rivals pick up the pace

Brief Thu 18 Jul, AT 10:33

A new report says rival smartphones are damaging Apple's iPhone sales