Hampshire cricketers in bizarre bubble football session - video

Jan 10, 2014

After the Ashes debacle Hampshire cricketers get a lesson in how to play the bouncer

AFTER England's Ashes humilation cricket lovers could be forgiven for wrapping themselves up in a cotton wool or turning to football... at Hampshire it seems the players have done both.
Footage of the players taking part in a bizarre "bubble football" match, in which they charge around wearing giant inflatable suits, has emerged. The video shows the players sending each other flying across the gymnasium as they battle for the ball.
It won't do much to persuade Ian Botham that the English game is not a laughing stock. Indeed, the Hampshire players are falling about all over the place in the footage.
Apparently the session formed part of the county's winter training programme. Perhaps it is designed to get them used to facing bouncers.

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