England cricketers deny they're behind Pietersen tweet parody

Aug 9, 2012
Gavin Mortimer

It's not us making fun of KP's massive ego, say team-mates – but Pietersen remains sceptical

THE England cricket team has denied claims it's behind a spoof Twitter account that has upset Kevin Pietersen. As we reported on Tuesday, the South-African born batsman hinted he may retire from Test cricket because "it's tough being me playing for England".

Now it appears that the toughest thing for the 32-year-old Pietersen is dealing with the regular tweets from 'KP Genius' that parody a man who has divided opinion in English cricket ever since his international debut in 2004.

Portraying KP as a sportsman with a massive ego, one typical tweet came on Monday as he scored 149 and took three wickets in the drawn second Test against South Africa. It read: "The World hasn't experienced genius like KP's over the last few days since an apple fell on Isaac Newton's head."

The question is whether one or more of KP's team-mates is behind the rogue tweets. According to BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew: "The players have all been asked if it's them and have said 'no'." But Pietersen, who in May retired from international one-day cricket, remains sceptical.

Agnew claims that Pietersen is "also miffed that a lot of the players follow this spoof account and it's pretty clear that some of the players read out these tweets, possibly in Kevin's presence, and he's not happy".

It's alleged Pietersen has requested the England management put an end to the spoof Twitter account regardless, a demand that won't do much for his image as a prima donna. KP Genius reacted to the news with a tweet declaring that "this account has no connection with Pietersen or any of his team mates."

The claim was backed up by England off-spinner Graeme Swann, who tweeted last night: "The KP parody account has nothing to do with me. It's obvious, only one in four are funny."

Pietersen appears to find even fewer of the tweets funny and in recent days they've been coming thick and fast. Many parody his alleged twin obsessions: himself and money: "The Olympics opening ceremony cost £27m," ran one Tweet on July 27: "They wanted KP involved but they would have gone over the £35m budget."

The source of the tweets may never be known. None of them is offensive so, unlike the recent incident involving the Olympic swimmer Tom Daley, the police have no reason to become involved.
And there's little the England management can do, except perhaps advise Pietersen to grow a thicker skin.

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KP Genius is no more.
A great shame - it was hillarious.