Rochdale child sex ring: did political correctness delay justice?

Sep 28, 2012

Critics question whether social services failed to act because of the ethnicity of the suspects

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DID political correctness delay the authorities’ pursuit of the Rochdale sex abuse gang? An inquiry that found social services and police had "missed opportunities" to help victims of the Rochdale sex abuse gang has revived the national debate about whether race was a factor in the case.

The report, published yesterday by the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board, into the grooming and rape of young teenagers in Rochdale revealed systemic failures by social workers, police and officials from the Crown Prosecution Service. It has prompted a new national forum to be set up to help pool information about sex-grooming networks between authorities.

But, as one of the victim's fathers has pointed out, there was no reference to the question of race or whether it played a part in the authorities' unwillingness to act.

The fact that nearly all the victims were white girls and the gang was predominantly of Pakistani origin sparked wide debate and far-right demonstrations when the nine men were jailed at Liverpool Crown Court in May.

Judge Gerald Clifton himself told the gang during the trial that he believed that "one of the factors that led to that was that they were not of your community or religion".

This morning, former home secretary Jack Straw insisted on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that "there is an issue of ethnicity here which can't be ignored" and that the Pakistani community "must face up to the grooming scandal following the Rochdale case".

Mohammed Shafiq, a youth worker and head of the Ramadhan Foundation, told On Islam that he agreed with some elements of Straw's comments. "There are some people in my community, the Pakistani community, the elders, who think that the best thing to do is just ignore it and assume it is all a British National Party and English Defence League conspiracy," he said. "I think that is really dangerous, it gives oxygen to the far right."

But Peter Davies, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre, told The Independent that claiming that this kind of offending is only perpetrated by British Pakistani men could "reduce victims' awareness that it may be perpetrated by other people and put children at risk".

The newspaper also points out that in an analysis of more than 1,200 cases across the country, just 28 per cent of abusers were Asian, and that figures from Greater Manchester Police show that 95 per cent of those on its sex offenders' register were white.

Others have questioned whether authorities missed opportunities to help the Rochdale victims because they were trying to be too “politically correct” over race.

Tim Loughton, former Children's Minister, told BBC Radio 4’s World at One yesterday: "There are clear cultural sensitivities around these cases that too often meant the relevant agencies were reluctant to intervene properly and then pursue the perpetrators all the way through, ending up being prosecuted in the courts."

He added that this sort of "political correctness is absolutely unacceptable".

In an editorial, The Guardian said: “If social services feared to tread to avoid causing offence, and perhaps complicating wider work within the Pakistani community, then that has proved a terrible error. For giving offence is as nothing compared with the grotesque offences that eventually transpired.”

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Where was Jack Straw and other Labour Govt MPs when these horrific crimes were taking place? In Parliament, and in Yorkshire, MP Ann Cryer battled tirelessly to make everyone aware of the abuses to young Asian women enduring forced marriage, as well as these gangs grooming schoolgirls. She was villified as a racist by her peers and fellow Labour politicians, as well as some Pakistani elders, for stirring up trouble. She was an 'inconvenience'. Even Labour women's champion Helena Kennedy, with her Parliamentary clout and legal expertise, spectacularly failed to get behind Ann Cryer and help protect these young girls and children. Clearly, to a lot of people in power, alienating ready vote banks was unthinkable. Also, the smallest possibility of a racial element was more than enough reason to turn a blind eye, therefore condemning so many girls to long periods of violence, abuse and sexual slavery. By turning a blind eye to the criminal perpetrators, you have emboldened and directly caused the suffering to become more widespread in different areas of Britain. Today a gang in Oxfordshire is the latest being prosecuted. Some of these cases are YEARS old! To every one of those in any position of power at the time, who indicated that police, social services and local authority suppress any action against the perpetrators, or wilfully held back support to prosecute, I hope you spend the rest of your lives feeling the shame for your part in this. Also, that eveytime to look at the young girls in your own family circle, you will realise how very, very fortunate they are. And they have the LAW on their side. Others were not so fortunate - and never will be.

"The newspaper also points out that in an analysis of more than 1,200
cases across the country, just 28 per cent of abusers were Asian, and
that figures from Greater Manchester Police show that 95 per cent of
those on its sex offenders' register were white."

Now I AM worried, total Asian population breakdown in England is 6.0% - but make up 28% of abusers in the 1200 cases mentioned above. WOW! Can this really be true?

(Asian or Asian British: Indian, 2.7%, Asian or Asian British: Pakistani, 1.9%, Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi, 0.7%, Asian or Asian British: Other South Asian, 0.7%. Source: ONS)

How accurate can any of the Asian sex abuser/rape figures be? It's been widely reported that over the years countless Asian men suspected and questioned in those areas about sex crimes were allowed to walk free without any charge?

The Pakistani communities concerned and those in power positions, really have stoked the fires in setting back race relations! An outright gift to the far right in the UK, and far right groups across Europe.
Apart from just abandoning the young lives concerned, who was stupid enought to think burying this would have no far reaching consequences? Combination of the cretinous, lawless as well as completely amoral.

People assume that genocide means executing people, but you can destroy a
group without physically murdering them. That's what we are seeing -
see points (b) (c) and (d) below...

From Article II of the
Convention, genocide is ANY of the following acts committed with intent
to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious
group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated
to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Protecting young White girls from gang rape by non-Whites is now "racist"

... "Diversity" means "less White people"
... "Tolerance" means "you must agree that there should be less White people"
... "We have moved forward as a country" means "the country is less White now"

And we have this dilemma....
"Anti-racists" talk about how White people have done evil things,
"Anti-racists" say there is no such thing as an indigenous European,
"Anti-racists" say White people should look forward to their countries becoming non-White.

Obviously, "anti-racist" is just a codeword for anti-White.
This is GENOCIDE (see above)

Hey, did you ever stop to think about how third-world
immigration and forced integration is required of EVERY White country and ONLY
White countries? Did you know that according to the United Nations this is
GENOCIDE? Lots of people who say they are anti-racist are really just
anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Beggars belief that Pakistani communities in Rochdale and Rotherham didn't know this waas going on and put a stop to it.It was carrying on openly enough fromtake away shops and taxi drivers. In Pakistani communities (like all Asian communities here) everybody knows everybody else's biz. The customer networks was so big that in areas it was happening rumours must have been flying around. Why didn't community leaders and even Councillors not use their powers to halt all this from the start and stop the evil spread of activities. No surprise young Pakistani voters voted out the tainted closed baradree old guard system of politics in this years Bradford West by election. Now everybody is tainted by this rot.

The mass rape of whites is going on all over multicultural Europe. Don't think Rochdale is an isolated case because it's happening all over the country. Countries like Norway have a massive rape epidemic and the victims are always white. , The political correct media ignored it for a long time, but at least they're reporting it a bit more now.

Don't expect anything to be tone to tackle these mass rapes.