Georgia Williams murderer given rare whole-life tariff

Porn-obsessed Jamie Reynolds joins Moors murderers and Levi Bellfield on list of notorious lifers

LAST UPDATED AT 13:37 ON Fri 20 Dec 2013

THE man who murdered 17-year-old Georgia Williams has been given a rare whole-life jail term after psychiatrists said he had potential to become a serial killer.

Jamie Reynolds, 23, of Wellington, Shropshire, was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court after he admitted to murdering the police officer's daughter in May of this year. Reynolds meticulously planned and executed his crime, the court heard. He invited Georgia for a photoshoot at his parents' home in Wellington, where he hanged her using a length of rope attached to the loft hatch.

At yesterday's sentencing hearing, Mr Justice Wilkie said Reynolds had plotted his murder "to give sadistic pleasure", reports the Daily Telegraph. He said: "You watched her die in circumstances where you could have saved her – and doing so was a central part of your pleasure. After the killing you took sexual pleasure in her body, then treated her body with contempt, dumping her in a remote area."

Prosecutor David Crigman said at the time of his arrest, Reynolds had 16,800 images and 72 videos of extreme pornography stored on a hard drive, including digitally doctored images of up to eight other women he knew, in which ropes had been added around their necks.

He had also written 40 graphic short stories involving a fatal and sexual assault on a woman and a "script" in which he described trapping and killing a victim. Reynolds was said to have followed "a good deal of his pre-written script" in the killing of Georgia.

The judge said Reynolds had "been obsessed" with carrying out his sadistic fantasy for at least five years and said because of the seriousness of the offence "no minimum term should apply".

He agreed with a psychiatric report that his "scripted" attack and "long-standing preoccupation with violent and sadistic pornography" made him a "potential serial killer".

The whole-life jail term means Reynolds will be in prison until he dies, a sentence that has been handed to fewer than 65 people in total – including Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Harold Shipman and Milly Dowler's killer Levi Bellfield. · 

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