Canada shooting: suspect held after shouting 'I'm done'

Jun 6, 2014

Justin Bourque was arrested last night after a huge manhunt for the killer of three police officers


Police in the Canadian town of Moncton have arrested Justin Bourque, the man suspected of shooting dead three of their fellow officers.

Bourque, 24, was taken into custody at about midnight last night, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

CNN reports a witness's claim that the suspect shouted "I'm done" moments before his arrest.

"There were trucks going by really slowly as well as cop cars surrounding my house," Michelle Thibodeau told a local TV station. "Suddenly one of the Swat trucks stopped and unloaded officers, and they proceeded to go to my back yard.

"They were screaming for about five minutes and they had their guns loaded. And eventually Justin came out with his hands up and he yelled, 'I'm done.' And they collected him and brought him to my front yard, where he lay sprawled out. "

Canadian authorities have not released the names of the police officers who died and there is no suggestion yet as to the killer's motive.

Manhunt underway after three Canadian mounties shot dead

5 June

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched a manhunt after three of their officers were shot dead and two were wounded last night.

The city of Moncton is on lockdown, with residents warned to stay inside and lock their doors.

Police have said they are searching for a 24-year-old man named Justin Bourque. They described him as "armed and dangerous" and tweeted a picture of a suspect (above).

The victims were gunned down in an ambush after responding to reports of a man carrying weapons and wearing military-style camouflage clothing, reports the Globe and Mail. Two wounded officers were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Local residents have tweeted that they are hiding in basements, closets and bathrooms after hearing the shots last night. Officers have blocked off a number of roads in Moncton and drivers have been asked to stay away from the area.

One witness said he saw the gunman in the distance wearing camouflage clothing and standing in the middle of the road with a gun pointed at police cars. Another neighbour said their kitchen window had been shattered by gunfire.

George LeBlanc, the city's mayor, told a news conference it was his worst day in the job. "I want to offer my most sincere condolence to the families of the police officers who have been killed in the line of duty and those who are injured," he said. "It is a terrible tragedy"

A Facebook page attributed to the suspect is filled with posts about guns and the police, reports the Daily Mail. The last status update, posted hours before the deadly shootout, included lyrics from thrash metal band Megadeth's song Hook in Mouth.

BBC correspondents say such violence is rare in Canada. It comes nine years after four mounties were shot dead in the western province of Alberta in the deadliest attack on Canadian police in 120 years.

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