Was James Holmes seeing prostitutes before shooting?

Jul 25, 2012

Colorado prostitute says she met Batman shooting suspect twice; Christian Bale visits victims

BATMAN shooting suspect James Holmes might have been involved with a number of prostitutes in the months leading up to the massacre that left 12 dead at the Century cinema in Aurora, Colorado.

Gossip website TMZ says it has found what it believes is the profile of Holmes on an online message board where users review prostitutes in Colorado.

After talking to three of the prostitutes reviewed by the person they think is Holmes, TMZ claims one of them said she was positive she had met up with the shooting suspect twice - most recently in August 2011. 'Tiffany' said: "I had no issues with him... he was really nice."

Another prostitute said Holmes "looked very familiar" but couldn't say he was definitely a client. Holmes's legal team declined to comment.

Holmes's mental state has been the subject of much speculation since his court appearance two days ago.

The 24-year-old looked disorientated, rolling his eyes from time to time and swaying from side to side. While some experts think Holmes has been medicated or is suffering from sleep deprivation, prison insiders claim he is pretending to be crazy.

A prison employee at Arapahoe County Detention Centre told the New York Daily News: "We don't just hand out meds... I heard he's not cooperating. He's trying to act crazy. I know the people here believe it's an act, but only he knows for sure."

A fellow inmate said: "He was pretending to see things that weren't there. Looking around the room with this dumb grin on his face like there were ghosts all around him."

Meanwhile, Christian Bale, who plays Batman in The Dark Knight Rises - the film that was being shown when the crime occurred - has visited survivors of the attack as well as meeting police and ambulance crew who responded to emergency calls. He was responding to an online campaign to persuade him to visit Aurora.

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