The women who think Batman suspect James Holmes is 'hot'

Jul 26, 2012

'Disgusting' groupies emerge on Twitter; Holmes allegedly sent plans of massacre to psychiatrist

BATMAN shooting suspect James Holmes has become an object of attraction for dozens of women on Twitter – sparking outrage across the social network.

The 24-year-old is accused of shooting dead 12 people and injuring 58 others at a cinema in Aurora where the victims were watching the latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises on Friday.

But since images of him sitting in court were released, a flood of tweets describing him as "hot" and "cute" suggest that some women think he is America's latest heartthrob.

"James Holmes is kinda hot," wrote Tweeter Chelsea Montani following news of the massacre. While a woman called Stephanie wrote: "I thought James Holmes was kinda cute in the courtroom."

A user by the name of Brianna Pride complained on Saturday: "It sucks that this James Holmes dude mugshot is pretty cute."

Jezebel points out that there is a medical term for people who purposefully choose criminals as their sexual partners: Hybristophilia, otherwise known as 'Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome'. Since Jezebel pointed out the tweets, many of them have been deleted or the users' accounts made private.

This has not stopped others from reacting angrily. "What a disgusting thing to say," wrote one Tweeter, while another commented: "People like this should be locked up too!"

News of Holmes's online fan base emerged as it was reported that he sent a notebook of his plans to a psychiatrist at his university a week before the shooting.

A spiral-bound book was sent to a professor who treats patients in a psychiatry outpatient facility at the University of Colorado, reports The Daily Telegraph. According to one law enforcement official, its contents included drawings of stick-like figures shooting each other and "details about how he was going to kill people”.

But the package containing the book sat unopened in a post room and was only discovered after the attack.

Holmes has behaved bizarrely since the massacre, claim inside sources, from reportedly using police evidence bags as hand puppets when he was first arrested to asking a prison guard: "Did you see the movie? How does it end?"

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These "groupies" as many news articles are calling them are not attracted to what he done but just his looks. And I am one of them. Being attracted to someones looks is only human and we can't help that. Plus only a handful of people have hybristophilia and are attracted to his crime.

well, Amanda Knox is another example

There are entire Facebook fan groups dedicated to this psycho. It turns my stomach.

Amanda Knox is innocent and her case is NOTHING like this.

Knowing what he's done, and what he's capable of, how can you feel anything but revulsion when looking at him? I truly don't understand it.

thats what i was saying! Even if he is good looking which personally i dont think he is. Or maybe i dont think he is just because of what he has done!

sorry hun but he doesnt look THAT good. when u find out a person
murdered people, one of being a womans SIX YEAR OLD DAUGHTER and her unborn baby! or maybe the girl whose boyfriend died, the man she said she could never see her life without?? , i see no sort of attractivness towards him period. I dont care if he looks like johnny depp. I think he is ugly and it makes me sick and ppl like u should be locked up! There is a diff in saying u think somoene is good looking then saying u are attracted. YOu make me completely sick.

This is moronic. There's nothing illegal about finding someone physically attractive.

"A user by the name of Brianna Pride complained on Saturday: "It sucks that this James Holmes dude mugshot is pretty cute.""

This does not qualify as hybristophilia. Finding someone attractive simply because they're a criminal is the only thing which qualifies as hybristophilia. Looking at a picture of them and thinking they're hot is not a paraphilia.

While I personally don't find him attractive, and indeed what he has done sickens and disgusts me, we can't criminalise people for being attracted to someone else. We can berate them for expressing it, since that would generally be considered to be against social norms, but simply having weird feelings of attraction is not a criminal offence. This doesn't even qualify as a news story.

Cortney, you believe that someone should be locked up for having an opinion? Not even for committing a crime? If it were up to you, the prison system would be full of people who simply disagreed with you. That makes you a dictator. Sadly, a dictator without power is just a moron, and that, sadly, is you.

IF I were attracted to garbage like this, I wouldn't go putting it out for the world to see, I'd be ashamed and trying to get help.
Seems more to me that these women only want attention too -- rather like the shooter himself.

Thought police woop woop.

This is a classic case of schizophrenia, very easy to diagnose for those who have medical experience. Untreated schizophrenics are in no way responsible for their actions - because they have no intent. Anti-psychotic medication allows the schizophrenic to get some control over persecutory voices. The responsibility is with social services and wider society. Of course Americans, barbarians that they are, prefer to execute the mentally ill.