Cleveland bus driver caught on video thumping girl in the face

Oct 12, 2012

Bus driver suspended after giving mouthy female passenger an uppercut to the jaw

AN AMERICAN bus driver has been suspended after being caught on video mercilessly punching a female passenger.
In the video, first posted on, the female passenger can be seen verbally abusing the driver and lunging at him before he has enough and physically attacks her with an uppercut to the jaw.
He then proceeds to throw her off the bus (literally), hurling her along with her jacket after her.

But the girl somehow bounces back and the brawl continues until the driver finally leaves the bus.

The driver has not been identified pending an investigation, but has been removed from duty and will be suspended, according to Cleveland TV station WKYC.

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she is not a girl she was a 26 year old a**

even tho she is 26 he still should not have hit her like that she only pushed his head he punched her in the face . Yes she was wrong for what she done but goodness. I wonder what his granddaughter and daughter feel about that

Three cheers for the bus driver , the bus driver. Three cheers for the bus driver who is with us today. Give him a raise. The female was creating an unsafe situation for all passengers. Looks like a federal offense for her.

She deserved what she got. Tough tittties.

"She wants to behave like a man, I'll treat her like a man."

Well said that man!

She was completely out of order, a completely offensive so and so, and she actually attacked him and got what she deserved. She's lucky it wasn't worse. Hopefully teaches her a lesson.

've been driving a bus for 9 years in toronto. I've been spit on, yelled at, verbally and physically assaulted a few times. The female passenger instigated the incident. The driver defended himself. Was he mad? Hell, yeah! Was he allowed to defend himself? Absolutely! Would I have done a Chris Tucker and KNOCK HER ThE FUGG OUT? In a heartbeat! I hope the driver gets exonerated..and the female should get banned from riding the bus for a period of time.
The female is a 25 year old restaurant worker. She started the altercation when she didn't pay her fare..and when confronted by the driver, insulted him and made threats towards him. I firmly am in the driver's corner.

That's what she gets for being disrespectful and all nasty. She needs to be banned from riding bus and opening her mouth.