Cameras in courts Q&A: how will trial by television work?

Briefing Thu 31 Oct, AT 08:45

Only one man will be allowed to control filming from a work station that 'looks like a tea trolley'

Brazilian footballer beheaded, and head left on doorstep

One-Minute Read Wed 30 Oct, AT 15:17

Gruesome discovery made by policewoman wife of former professional in Rio de Janeiro

Bristol man falsely accused of paedophilia killed and burned

One-Minute Read Tue 29 Oct, AT 12:30

Bajan Ebrahimi murdered after taking pictures of children 'damaging flowers outside his home'

David Smith, former BBC driver, dead on eve of sex abuse trial

One-Minute Read Tue 29 Oct, AT 09:11

Police find body of former chauffeur accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in 1984

Vicky Pryce's Prisonomics book 'lacking in misery and shame'

Talking Point Mon 28 Oct, AT 15:52

Mrs Pryce or Mrs Ice? Prison memoirs display a 'surprisingly depersonalised lack of passion'

Abu Anas al-Libi Q&A: will al-Qaeda suspect survive trial?

Briefing Wed 23 Oct, AT 15:44

Chances of terror suspect making it through trial are 'very thin' without a liver transplant warns doctor

Flares at the football: police fear serious injury

First Reaction Tue 22 Oct, AT 12:58

'No pyro, no party' attitude among fans, as authorities fight back after linesman hit by bomb

Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow: who is Norwegian Westgate suspect?

Briefing Fri 18 Oct, AT 10:14

Family of Norwegian man suspected of Nairobi mall attack say he must have been 'brainwashed'

Jimmy Savile told police 'I brush women away like midges'

One-Minute Read Wed 16 Oct, AT 11:54

Police interview transcripts reveal how paedophile presenter dodged accusations of sexual assault

National Crime Agency: what is the 'British FBI'? Q&A

Briefing Mon 7 Oct, AT 10:06

NCA will 'instil fear' into organised criminals and gangs, says director-general Keith Bristow