Photo of Elliot Rodgers at a press conference

Elliot Rodger murder spree: what was to blame?

Summary Wed 28 May, AT 16:10

Killings in Santa Barbara spark fierce debate about mental health, misogyny and mass entertainment


Boston bombs: five things we have learned ahead of trial

Summary Thu 22 May, AT 16:15

Tsarnaev brothers allegedly used Christmas lights, model cars and fireworks to construct bombs

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza faces US terror charges

Abu Hamza guilty: radical cleric likely to die behind bars

One-Minute Read Tue 20 May, AT 09:15

Fitting end for a 'vile and wicked' man, say critics as Home Secretary plans to strip him of UK citizenship

Police are addressed by a senior officer

Bullying at Police Federation 'rivals any soap opera', say MPs

One-Minute Read Fri 16 May, AT 09:56

Federation chairman says he was 'ridiculed and verbally attacked' for trying to implement change

Andy Coulson

Hacking trial: Kate Middleton's phone was 'hacked 155 times'

One-Minute Read Wed 14 May, AT 16:05

Court hears duchess had her phone hacked five years before her marriage to Prince William

Is Oscar Pistorius anxious or just angry? An analyst's view

Wed 14 May, AT 09:25 Coline Covington

This 'prince of the physical world' does not easily fit the description of an anxiety-ridden GAD sufferer

Invasion of the scammers: why is Britain so vulnerable?

Personal Finance Fri 2 May, AT 16:26

Fraud figures are notoriously unreliable, but the UK seems to lag behind in tackling the crime

Murdered school teacher Ann Maguire

Ann Maguire: second teenager arrested over teacher’s death

One-Minute Read Fri 2 May, AT 13:26

Meanwhile, family of Leeds teacher watch as 15-year-old appears in court accused of murder

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams arrest: victim's daughter to 'name names'

One-Minute Read Fri 2 May, AT 08:54

Jean McConville's daughter says she no longer fears the IRA as Sinn Fein leader remains in custody

Police cordon off a crime scene

Police not recording one in five crimes, claims watchdog

One-Minute Read Thu 1 May, AT 10:11

One report of rape not recorded due to 'workload pressure', while poor supervision also blamed