Sandy Hook massacre: details emerge about 'loner' gunman

One-Minute Read Tue 26 Nov, AT 14:21

Adam Lanza wrote book about children being slaughtered years before carrying out murders

Sue Berelowitz, Deputy Children's Commissioner

Child-on-child rape: 'chilling' levels of sex abuse in England

Summary Tue 26 Nov, AT 11:02

Young girls gang-raped in initiations or used as bait in gang rivalries, says 'shocking' study

'Clare’s law' to be extended across England and Wales

One-Minute Read Mon 25 Nov, AT 13:21

New law will allow police to disclose partner's violent past to potential victims

Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza: did French spies plot to kill cleric in London?

One-Minute Read Mon 25 Nov, AT 10:03

Officials planned to frame extreme right-wing group Combat 18 for his assassination, claims report

London slaves: why slavery exists in the UK today

Briefing Fri 22 Nov, AT 11:49

Case of women kept captive in London for 30 years is not the only instance of slavery in the UK

Ross William Ulbricht

Silk Road 'founder' Ross Ulbricht 'ordered' six killings

One-Minute Read Fri 22 Nov, AT 10:03

US prosecutors say alleged 'dark web' kingpin paid $730,000 in Bitcoin for 'hits' on six men

Scotland Yard

Three women freed from London house after 30 years of 'slavery'

One-Minute Read Thu 21 Nov, AT 15:52

Two arrested as police rescue women from south London address where they were held for three decades

Berlusconi: court reveals details of Ruby the Heartstealer case

Summary Thu 21 Nov, AT 14:51

Milan court says it has seen proof that former PM paid underage prostitute for sexual relations

Paris gunman: suspect Dekhar linked to 1994 murder spree

One-Minute Read Thu 21 Nov, AT 08:59

Abdelhakim Dekhar had been jailed for involvement in Bonnie and Clyde-style murders 20 years ago

Police confess to 'endemic manipulation of crime figures'

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Nov, AT 09:28

Officers use techniques such as cuffing, nodding and stitching to make figures look better, MPs hear