Royal Ballet's new director delivers a triple whammy

Nov 7, 2012

First mixed programme of season turns spotlight on three tremendous British choreographers

Andrej Uspenski/Royal Opera House

What you need to know
The Royal Ballet's new Mixed Bill at the Royal Opera House features three dance works overseen by new director Kevin O'Hare.

Viscera was created earlier this year for Miami City Ballet by 26-year-old artist-in-residence Liam Scarlett and features a Lowell Liebermann piano concerto as score.

Christopher Wheeldon's Fool's Paradise was created for his Morphoses troupe in 2007 to music by Joby Talbot. A revival of resident choreographer Wayne McGregor's Infra is also on the bill.

Runs until 14 November.

What the critics like
With the first triple bill of the season Kevin O'Hare has turned a spotlight on three tremendous British choreographers, says Debra Craine in The Times. Scarlett's Viscera has clarity, speed and elegance, McGregor's Infra features a "muscular and voluptuous" duet, and Wheeldon's Fool's Paradise, has both "romantic urgency" and "sheer prettiness".

Viscera shows Scarlett's young, impressive talent, says Clement Crisp in The Financial Times. The "choreography responds to each note with an austere, persuasive clarity" and the performances are splendid. "We see the music."

Anyone who queries ballet's viability as a 21st-century art form would find their answer here, says Judith Mackrell in The Guardian. "This is work that elicits fabulously alert dancing at every level, from principal all the way to junior level."

What they don't like
The unleavened intensity of the programme is the only difficulty in an "adventurous and exciting" evening, says Sarah Crompton in The Daily Telegraph. McGregor's poignant Infra should have started the bill, and Scarlett's impressive Viscera ended it.

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