David Miliband

Ed and David Miliband
10 Jun, 2015

From New York, Miliband also warns that no US government will take Britain seriously again if we leave EU

Labour's Andy Burnham
26 May, 2015

The expenses claim, the Unite threat and the theory that David Miliband could try to make a comeback

A cloud of smoke rises following an air strike by Syrian government forces in the rebel-held area of Douma
20 Mar, 2015

Civilians are suffering in darkness as the conflict rumbles on. How did the country get into such a mess?

The Mole
15 Dec, 2014

Ed Miliband’s brother David would also be expected to tell what he knows about any UK complicity

Labour leader Ed Miliband
03 Dec, 2014

From 'weedy and square' comprehensive school pupil to opposition leader. Will Ed be the next PM?

02 Dec, 2014

Cartoon depicting Nigel Farage running down political rivals first appeared in the Daily Telegraph

18 Jul, 2014

'Radical' part-nationalisation of the railway will please passengers, says Miliband – but not everyone's convinced

08 Jul, 2014

Alan Johnson’s memoirs and appearances on Question Time make him a popular candidate to take over

16 Dec, 2013

Alistair Darling, now running No campaign in Scotland, will be free soon. And he's boring – which is good

09 Jul, 2013

And if Ed's reform of union links doesn't tackle how party leader is elected then it will look like a sham