Ultra-orthodox Jewish protestors

Israeli ultra-orthodox protest against army draft

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Mar, AT 14:37

Israeli government plans to enlist 5,200 ultra-orthodox Jews – previously exempt from the draft – by mid-2017

Robert Gates: military cuts will end UK's global role

One-Minute Read Thu 16 Jan, AT 09:20

Britain can no longer be a full military partner of the United States, says former US defence secretary

Obama lost faith in Afghan war strategy, claims Robert Gates

One-Minute Read Wed 8 Jan, AT 09:43

Former US defence secretary uses new memoirs to criticise president's handling of the Afghan war

Crispin Black

'Hollow army' warning: general blows raspberry at Cameron

Thu 19 Dec, AT 13:11 Crispin Black

The Prime Minister hand-picked Nick Houghton as a malleable defence chief - how wrong he was

Sir Nick Houghton

Military is becoming a 'hollow force', warns UK defence chief

One-Minute Read Thu 19 Dec, AT 09:32

Armed Forces on course to have ‘exquisite technology' but insufficient resources to man it

Robert Fox

Afghan 'mission accomplished': Cameron's hostage to fortune

Tue 17 Dec, AT 08:05 Robert Fox

Brave talk cannot hide the risk of Afghanistan being a hub for resurgent al-Qaeda groups


US bombers make 'direct challenge' to Chinese air zone

One-Minute Read Wed 27 Nov, AT 13:55

Beijing allows US and Japanese aircraft into its expanded air space, but says it's 'monitoring' them

Spy chiefs grilled: PR exercise or triumph for transparency?

Talking Point Fri 8 Nov, AT 11:10

Forget Skyfall, the real spy chiefs had 'soundbites at the ready' when quizzed in public for first time

BAE job losses Q&A: why is shipbuilding so political?

Briefing Wed 6 Nov, AT 11:15

1,800 jobs are to go as BAE ends shipbuilding in Portsmouth and cuts Glasgow operations

Crispin Black

Camp Bastion fiasco: why were Army chiefs not held to account?

Thu 31 Oct, AT 07:49 Crispin Black

The American military refuses to reward failure: it's time the British Army followed suit