From Yemen to Africa, al-Qaeda's latest comeback is underway

Wed 23 May, AT 09:24 Robert Fox

Assassination of Osama bin Laden and regular drone attacks have done nothing to halt the rise of a third generation al-Qaeda

Crispin Black

Philip Hammond has failed to ask what our armed forces are for

Wed 16 May, AT 07:42 Crispin Black

Do we really need an aircraft carrier that might already be obsolete - or an army that can fight foreign wars?

Cameron makes £100m U-turn on F-35 aircraft carrier jets

One-Minute Read Thu 10 May, AT 15:00

Humiliating turnaround for Cameron as Ministry of Defence reverts to Labour’s original plan

Robert Fox

Hammond courts disaster with ‘unsentimental’ view of defence

Tue 8 May, AT 15:49 Robert Fox

With US and France cutting back on armed forces, UK’s defence review is already out-of-date

Crispin Black

Spy-in-bag death can be solved if police are allowed to do their job

Wed 2 May, AT 15:09 Crispin Black

Police investigating Gareth Williams's death have been hamstrung by 'national security' concerns

Afghan civilians - victims of massacre

US gives $47,000 to families of Afghan massacre victims

One-Minute Read Mon 26 Mar, AT 11:11

The Pentagon has made unusually large payments to the families of civilians allegedly murdered by a US soldier

US Apache helicopter crash

US Apache helicopter crash caught on video

Video Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:08

Nobody was seriously hurt in the incident, which the US Army is investigating

US soldier in Afghanistan

Rogue US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians in gun rampage

One-Minute Read Sun 11 Mar, AT 21:14

Nine children among dead after soldier walks off base in Kandahar and opens fire on villagers

Special Boat Service

Meet the SBS: one man strangled nine Germans with his bare hands

First Post Fri 9 Mar, AT 15:01

Like the SAS, the tough-as-nails Royal Marines section dates back to Winston Churchill's day

SBS raid: Italians outraged - but are they being disingenuous?

Fri 9 Mar, AT 11:36 Andrea Vogt

‘The UK still moves in the nostalgia of imperial glory’ writes diplomat angered by ‘lack of consultation’