Cameron puts British forces on alert for Mali deployment

First Reaction Tue 22 Jan, AT 09:41

It had better be short and sweet and not another Afghanistan says military source as new cuts begin

Turkey set to deploy Patriot missiles on Syrian border

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Dec, AT 16:01

Turkish request to Nato comes as fears grow of Assad using chemical weapons

Iran claims second US drone capture in a year

First Reaction Tue 4 Dec, AT 15:20

Is the age of the drone nearly over? Iran and US dispute 'capture' of another unmanned craft

GCHQ code breakers stumped by D-Day pigeon that got lost

One-Minute Read Fri 23 Nov, AT 11:35

Retired intelligence officers are being sought to crack a coded message sent during the Allied invasion of France

MPs to question use of drones amid concerns over their ethics

One-Minute Read Tue 20 Nov, AT 08:56

Examination of the use of armed drones could help lift lid on 'America's secret war'

Crispin Black

Generals' offer to lobby for cash is a tragedy for the British Army

Mon 15 Oct, AT 07:55 Crispin Black

Gen Dannatt wanted £100,000 for two days a month. A frontline private earns £17,000 for a seven-day week

Army anger as troops forced to cover G4S Olympic security fail

First Reaction Thu 12 Jul, AT 09:46

World's biggest security firm mocked for blaming 'workforce supply' issues at time of record unemployment

Cutbacks leave UK with smallest army since Victorian times

First Reaction Thu 5 Jul, AT 15:23

Five battalions go and total strength drops from 102,000 to 82,000 in radical reorganisation

Chained person

Did the CIA run torture prison 'black site' in Poland?

First Post Fri 22 Jun, AT 12:08

Inquiry into secret prison threatens to entangle former top Polish officials

Crispin Black

Bomber Command deserves its WWII memorial – and here's why

Fri 22 Jun, AT 07:22 Crispin Black

Distaste over memorial to the airmen who obliterated Dresden ignores the extreme danger they faced