Five embarrassing snubs, from Trainspotting to The Smiths

Deja Vu Wed 1 Oct, AT 15:35

Irvine Welsh calls George Osborne a 'f***ing twat' after his 'Choose the Conservatives' speech

Tony Blair

Tony Blair's philanthropy prize and four other dubious awards

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GQ names Tony Blair philanthropist of the year but it's not the first controversial prize to be awarded

Downton Abbey's bottle and five other on-screen bloopers

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Plastic bottle gaffe In Downton Abbey press shot adds to a long list of anachronisms in movies and TV

Raj Shetye's controversial Indian fashion shoot

Gang rape chic and six other tasteless fashion disasters

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Photo shoots inspired by suicide and slavery among the fashion faux pas to cause outrage and offense

The Bristol crocodile

The 'Bristol crocodile' and other strange beasts

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From the Beast of Bodmin to Sandringham's 'small lion', Britain is crawling with exotic creatures

Actor Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin storms off: 5 other cringeworthy walkouts

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From sensitive singers to outraged actors, Home Alone star is not the only one who has had enough

Nicklas Bendtner

Bendtner arrested: Arsenal striker held over 'night swim'

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Danish forward cautioned after damaging gym - and it's not the first time he's hit the headlines

The house in Derby where the children of Mick and Malread Philpott were killed

Mick Philpott's home: another notorious address demolished

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18 Victory Road, Derby is latest house to be razed to the ground to help neighbours cope with grief

LG stunt leaves 20 hurt: five promo events gone wrong

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Chaos as South Koreans use BB guns and knives to grab smartphone vouchers tied to balloons

Ariel Castro 'house of horrors': will it be demolished?

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Six notorious homes destroyed to keep ghouls away: will 2207 Seymour Ave, Cleveland, Ohio join them?