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Delhi rape

Delhi bus rapist: 'girls are more responsible for rape than boys'

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Mon 2 Mar, AT 15:47

Man who gang-raped and murdered student in 2012 claims victim should have remained silent

Delhi gang rape: four men sentenced to death

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Fri 13 Sep, AT 13:45

Family of student who died after brutal gang-rape have repeatedly called for the men to be hanged

Ford India apologises for Berlusconi bondage advert

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Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:02

'You don't do this when a whole nation is angry about rape' say activists after appearance of Ford Figo ads

Six in court accused of gang rape of Swiss tourist in India

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Mon 18 Mar, AT 08:50

Tourist on cycling holiday in Madhya Pradesh is victim of latest brutal attack

Delhi gang-rape 'ringleader' dies in cell: was it suicide or murder?

First Reaction
Mon 11 Mar, AT 09:31

Foul play suspected in 'suicide' of Ram Singh who faced death penalty for medical student's rape and murder

Indian men don skirts to protest against rape culture – video

Wed 16 Jan, AT 14:39

Bangalore protest draws attention to 'absurd idea that what a woman wears invites sexual assault'

Six men arrested for second gang-rape on a bus in India

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Sun 13 Jan, AT 13:50

A 29-year-old woman is recovering at home after being abducted and raped in Punjab

Delhi gang-rape case: police accused of 'torturing' suspects

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Thu 10 Jan, AT 13:28

Lawyer claims accused men have been beaten, sexually assaulted and forced to drink urine

Chaos in court as Indian gang rape trial gets underway

Mon 7 Jan, AT 12:32

Judge orders closed hearing after arguments erupt over whether the accused deserve legal defence

Indian gang-rape victim is named as Jyoti Singh Pandey

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Sun 6 Jan, AT 09:40

Student’s grieving father names his daughter as boyfriend condemns police 'dithering'