Amy Pond's farewell leaves Doctor Who fans 'heartbroken'

Oct 1, 2012

Spoiler alert: Rory ‘didn't get any sort of send-off’, say critics, but it is Karen Gillan who is the real star


AMY POND'S exit from Doctor Who has been on the cards for months, but her final scenes on Saturday night nevertheless left viewers and critics "heartbroken".

Angels take Manhattan showed the Time Lord and his companions racing through the streets of Manhattan to protect New York from weeping angels - sinister statue creatures that can zap people back to the past.

The Statue of Liberty appears to come alive and at one point Amy and her husband Rory, played by Arthur Darvill, jump off a skyscraper to save the day. The couple are not killed but later meet their fate in a graveyard, where Rory is first to be dissolved into the past at the hands of weeping angels.

His was a muted exit that left some critics disappointed. "Rory ends up rather short-changed," said Digital Spy. "Instead of a heroic exit, the character leaves on a note of confusion. Admittedly the sudden nature of his departure is necessary for shock value, but when the Doctor doesn't even get to say goodbye, you can't help but feel a little cheated."

But all were agreed that it was Amy's decision to sacrifice herself to live with Rory in the past that tugged on the heartstrings.

Digital Spy said her farewell was "executed in terrific fashion", adding: "She gets an emotional exit scene, a touching epilogue in the form of her novel's afterword and a full-circle return to her introduction in The Eleventh Hour."

"The unofficial name of the episode should have been 'The Ballad of Amy and Rory'", said Neela Debnath in The Independent, adding that it was "impossible not to shed a tear" in the skyscraper scenes.

Doctor Who fans took to Twitter to express their sadness. One Tweeter called it "amazingly heartbreaking", while another said: "Awesome episode but you broke my heart. Inconsolable."

"Love just ruined everything!" lamented Dan Martin in The Guardian. "The Doctor will never see the Ponds again, and neither will we. Amy and Rory's bond was always going to win through – it has done for many months – but it has never been played better than this."

"Poor Rory didn't get any sort of send-off," says Gavin Fuller in The Daily Telegraph, but it was “Karen Gillan who was the star here, really pulling out the emotional stops in the last half of the episode".

"Gillan gave a fine feistiness to Amy, certainly as much glamour as any companion in the past, and made her refreshingly different from previous ones to boot," added Fuller, who gave the episode five out of five stars.

The Christmas special of Doctor Who will feature the Doctor's new assistant, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. As Fuller points out, she now has "sizeable shoes to fill".

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I was really ready to have some characters set aside as occasional companions. We have seen the whole "They can never travel with the doctor again because of THIS!" a couple of times already, and I have to say I just didn't want another one. It would have been nice to have Amy and Rory pop in now and again. I think the only way they can make this up to us is by fixing Donna's memory or bringing back Jenny.