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Ed Miliband

The Mole

Did we see the real David Cameron tonight? Ouch!

Fri 17 Apr, AT 09:52
The Mole

Fighting back, Team Cameron even tried selling the idea that the PM had not been invited

Columnist Don Brind

Snap poll gives it to Miliband whatever Murdoch might say

Fri 17 Apr, AT 08:22
Don Brind

Post-debate survey asks who should be elected prime minister - and Miliband comes out on top

The Mole

‘No party is telling the truth about crisis facing NHS’

Thu 16 Apr, AT 10:04
The Mole

Former chief Sir David Nicholson says the dire state of the NHS will become apparent this autumn

Columnist Don Brind

Tories could lose Thatcher’s seat according to new poll

Tue 14 Apr, AT 10:44
Don Brind

New polling from marginals boosts Labour after Monday’s surprise poll giving Tories six-point lead

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Labour manifesto highlights: from the economy to football fans

One-Minute Read
Mon 13 Apr, AT 14:35

Every policy pledged will be paid for 'without a single penny of extra borrowing', says party

The Mole

Confused? You will be: Tories and Labour swap roles

Mon 13 Apr, AT 09:33
The Mole

Miliband promises fiscal rectitude while Cameron pledges inheritance tax relief and extra NHS funds

Nicola Sturgeon

Some Scottish Tories ready to vote Labour to keep SNP out

Sat 11 Apr, AT 15:12
Don Brind

New poll suggests tactical voting could upset Nicola Sturgeon's dreams of a total Labour wipeout

Columnist Nigel Horne

Ed Miliband goes from Wallace to womaniser

Fri 10 Apr, AT 10:23
Nigel Horne

‘Tangled’ love life of Ed Miliband and Stephanie Flanders will do no harm to Labour leader's image

The Mole

PM resurrects ‘Big Society’ in bid to save Tory campaign

Fri 10 Apr, AT 09:32
The Mole

Has Aussie strategist failed to understand that many Brits want to vote Tory but feel guilty about doing so?

Columnist Don Brind

Poll blitz gives Miliband's team a big morale boost

Fri 10 Apr, AT 09:23
Don Brind

Ed even beats Dave in personal rating. But Labour activists will be told: ‘Keep your feet on the ground’