The Mole

Miliband risks pitching young versus old with fees pledge

Fri 27 Feb, AT 10:10 The Mole

And will a cut in tuition fees win Labour more young voters – or just drive away angry pensioners?

Columnist Don Brind

Labour surge past Tories in new poll, while Ukip slump

Tue 24 Feb, AT 09:07 Don Brind

Tories still have a problem persuading voters that the positive economic news benefits all, not just the rich

The Mole

Straw ‘mortified’ – but Ed Miliband sees an opportunity

Mon 23 Feb, AT 10:10 The Mole

Labour leader uses latest ‘cash for access’ scandal to push for a ban on MPs earning second incomes

Tax return 2014

Tax evasion or tax avoidance: what's the difference?

Personal Finance Thu 19 Feb, AT 12:43

With allegations of tax evasion flying, here's how to be sure of staying on the right side of the law

Columnist Don Brind

Drowning Ukip with silence works for Tories - up to a point

Thu 19 Feb, AT 11:59 Don Brind

By ignoring Nigel Farage, both main parties hope to keep his challenge at bay. Will it work?

Columnist Don Brind

Dave’s decline in popularity is a bigger issue than Ed’s

Wed 18 Feb, AT 08:23 Don Brind

LSE researcher Jack Blumenau has come up with a model that will have them frowning at Tory party HQ

Columnist Don Brind

Polls all over the place: it’s still an extremely close race

Tue 17 Feb, AT 08:31 Don Brind

Tories get morale boost from six-point jump month on month – but another poll shows support diving

The Mole

Mandelson sends Ed Miliband a late Valentine’s card

Mon 16 Feb, AT 09:58 The Mole

But can he help boost Labour’s economic credibility when Ed Balls is fretting over gardeners’ receipts?

Columnist Don Brind

Why are punters ignoring pollsters to back Tories?

Mon 16 Feb, AT 08:39 Don Brind

Loads of money was lost in 2010 backing Tories to win an overall majority. Now they're doing it again

The Mole

Fink U-turn: top Tory admits to ‘vanilla’ tax avoidance

Thu 12 Feb, AT 14:22 The Mole

‘Everyone does it’ says Tory party treasurer as Ed Miliband wins tax avoidance clash on points