Ed Miliband

Labour Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt

Tristram Hunt rules himself out of Labour leadership race

One-Minute Read
Wed 20 May, AT 12:39

Shadow education secretary endorses Liz Kendall after 'bulk' of MPs back Cooper and Burnham

Election 2015: how Twitter and Facebook reacted to #GE2015

Fri 8 May, AT 13:10

The best reaction to last night's eventful election

The Mole

Cameron triumphs: but will he come to miss Nick Clegg?

Fri 8 May, AT 10:27
The Mole

The Tory right has got its wish: the Lib Dems are gone. Which just makes it harder for the PM

Ed Miliband resigns after Labour's election 'bloodbath'

One-Minute Read
Fri 8 May, AT 13:00

Harriet Harman to become caretaker leader of Labour party after 'disappointing and difficult' night

General election 2015: how the papers want you to vote

Thu 7 May, AT 16:17

Britain's boisterously partisan newspapers have thrown up a few surprises this year, offering support in unexpected ways


UK election 2015: what the rest of the world is saying

Talking Point
Thu 7 May, AT 15:22

A 'weird' electoral system, a 'barmy' prime minister and a party that sounds like an 'awful pudding'

The Mole

Who’s the devious plotter - Cameron or Miliband?

Thu 7 May, AT 10:04
The Mole

Telegraph claims Miliband is plotting to seize power: Guardian says it’s a Cameron coup we should fear

Columnist Don Brind

Final polls: it’s a dead heat or they’ve got it dead wrong

Thu 7 May, AT 08:45
Don Brind

Pollsters shows Labour and Tories tied – which means a 3.5 average swing to Labour since 2010

Ed Miliband

Election 2015: how party leaders are trying to win your vote

Wed 6 May, AT 10:10

Polls suggest the election is too close to call as leaders of the main parties rush around the country

The Mole

PR back on the agenda as post- electoral depression looms

Wed 6 May, AT 09:43
The Mole

Is it fair, asks Lord O’Donnell, that Ukip and the Greens will win lots of votes and very few seats?