Sex education fails when it's all about sex not emotions

Tue 26 Nov, AT 10:59 Annalisa Barbieri

Inquiry shows girls are at risk of rape from boys who learn about sex from watching loveless porn

GCSE reforms Q&A: the major changes planned for schools

Briefing Fri 1 Nov, AT 12:19

Pupils sitting GCSEs will be awarded a numerical grade, with a greater emphasis on examinations

Does starting school at four cause damage to children?

Talking Point Thu 12 Sep, AT 15:40

Education experts claim children should spend more years playing rather than in formal classes

Six UK unis rank in world top 20, but research status slips

First Reaction Tue 10 Sep, AT 10:54

Cambridge leads the way at No. 3, but expert warns low investment in higher education threatens ranking

Can Gove solve the maths and English skills conundrum?

Talking Point Mon 2 Sep, AT 15:15

Education secretary wants pupils who fail maths and English GCSEs to keep studying core subjects

'Plummeting' GCSE grades are 'tragedy' for some pupils

First Reaction Thu 22 Aug, AT 14:13

A 'record drop' in top-end GCSE grades is necessary adjustment, but disaster for some students


Universities compete for talent as students get A-Level results

Briefing Thu 15 Aug, AT 10:13

The pass-rate is expected to remain stable, but anyone with ABB can try and upgrade their course

Is it right, or practical, to ban packed lunches from schools?

Talking Point Fri 12 Jul, AT 15:39

Children are more likely to get a nutritious meal from school canteen than from their lunchbox, says report

GCSE results

Tougher exams on the way - six questions answered

Briefing Tue 11 Jun, AT 08:28

1-8 represent the most radical shake-up of school examinations in a generation

Why Gove's Baccalaureate was doomed to fail

Summary Thu 7 Feb, AT 16:26

Gove's ambition to scrap GCSEs for new exam faced opposition from regulator, the EU and MPs