Election 2015

The Mole

Is Clegg tempted to side with Miliband in new coalition?

Tue 5 May, AT 10:19
The Mole

Lib Dems would lend ‘legitimacy’ because Labour would not be dependent wholly on SNP

'You've gotta vote Labour': Russell Brand gamble pays off

Tue 5 May, AT 09:28

Cameron dismissed 'Milibrand' as a joke - but Brand’s endorsement is serious for Tories

Columnist Don Brind

The Croydon conundrum: has Ashcroft got it wrong again?

Tue 5 May, AT 08:46
Don Brind

Poll shows sudden rise in Tory fortunes quite at odds with general swing to Labour in the capital

Columnist Don Brind

Cameron set to ‘squat’ at No 10 if Tories can win most seats

Mon 4 May, AT 09:37
Don Brind

He would challenge Labour and SNP to bring him down and make it clear they wielded the ‘bloody dagger’

Columnist Don Brind

Dave is winner on the night but Ed's ahead in new polls

Fri 1 May, AT 11:33
Don Brind

To general incredulity, both party leaders said they could still win overall majorities. Think again

The Mole

Ed would rather not be PM than do a deal with SNP. Seriously?

Fri 1 May, AT 10:51
The Mole

In theory, Miliband can count on SNP never supporting Tories. In practice, will it be that simple?

Will The Sun's split verdict make any difference to the election?

Talking Point
Thu 30 Apr, AT 11:36

The Sun has got two hats on, but expert says no newspaper can claim it 'won it' for any government

Columnist Don Brind

Final nail in the coffin of Tory-Lib Dem coalition?

Thu 30 Apr, AT 09:55
Don Brind

New polling shows Clegg could lose Sheffield seat - with a little help from Ronnie O’Sullivan

Danny Alexander Liberal Democrat MP

Lib Dems claim Tories trying to 'con' public over welfare cuts

One-Minute Read
Thu 30 Apr, AT 08:59

Danny Alexander leaks what he claims are 'secret' Conservative plans for £8bn of welfare cuts

'Milibrand' interview: taps, cockney accents and fighting for airtime

First Reaction
Wed 29 Apr, AT 16:38

Russell Brand quizzes Ed Miliband on tax evasion and media ownership, but manages to steal the spotlight