Election 2015

Why the DUP could hold the balance of power

Wed 29 Apr, AT 10:32

The Democratic Unionist Party is ready to do a deal with either Labour or the Conservatives – but at what cost?

The Mole

Tories' 'no tax rise' pledge means no relief from austerity

Wed 29 Apr, AT 10:30
The Mole

If the Tories are re-elected, Osborne will have to reduce deficit with one hand tied behind his back

Columnist Don Brind

Russell Brand interview: why Ed took the risk

Wed 29 Apr, AT 09:50
Don Brind

Cameron dismisses it as a joke - but Miliband gains access to voters other politicians cannot reach

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon: the First Minister 'holding all the aces'

Tue 28 Apr, AT 13:38

From youngest parliamentary candidate in Scotland to one of the most powerful women in the UK

The Mole

'Dave Lively' swears he really really wants to win

Tue 28 Apr, AT 11:37
The Mole

It’s a bloody important election and I’m determined to win it, says pumped up David Cameron

Tories take poll lead - but will it keep them in power?

Tue 28 Apr, AT 09:21
Don Brind

Tories look more like emerging the largest party but without Lib Dem numbers to keep Cameron at No 10

The Mole

Stamp duty pledge: Labour and Tories go back to basics

Mon 27 Apr, AT 10:07
The Mole

Ten days to go, Miliband returns to cost of living crisis while Tories push economic competence

Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband

The Boris and Ed show: a taste of things to come?

Mon 27 Apr, AT 09:32

Or perhaps not? BBC's Nick Robinson among those wondering if Boris did himself any favours

Columnist Don Brind

Tory assault on Labour-SNP deal a sign of desperation

Mon 27 Apr, AT 09:03
Don Brind

Why is Cameron persevering with this line? It could lose the Tories valuable support from DUP

From Loonies to Pirates: five smaller parties fighting for your vote

Fri 24 Apr, AT 14:25

A look at the parties campaigning for unicorns, a Minister for Men and the legalisation of cannabis