Election 2015

Columnist Don Brind

Lib Dem wipeout predicted in southwest ‘heartland’

Thu 16 Apr, AT 09:57
Don Brind

Clegg’s coalition dreams in tatters if ComRes poll proves accurate and party is reduced to 19 MPs

Ukip manifesto 2015: Nigel Farage's election policies

One-Minute Read
Wed 6 May, AT 10:34

Nigel Farage unveils 'fully costed' manifesto, the 'most important document of his political life'

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Wed 15 Apr, AT 13:15

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The Mole

Brussels puts block on Tories renegotiating EU terms

Wed 15 Apr, AT 11:56
The Mole

Referendum could go ahead without David Cameron having chance to win news terms of membership

Columnist Don Brind

Touchy old Lib Dem backers could hold key to election

Wed 15 Apr, AT 10:38
Don Brind

Many who voted for Clegg’s party in 2010 still don't know what to do now – and it could decisive

 Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Lib Dem manifesto 2015: Clegg outlines 'red-line' policies

Wed 6 May, AT 10:12

After tuition fees fiasco, Clegg gives five manifesto pledges 'near religious status' in any coalition deal

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party

Green Party manifesto 2015: policies for a 'peaceful revolution'

Wed 6 May, AT 10:18

Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas offer plans to make 'positive difference to people's lives'

Columnist Don Brind

Tories could lose Thatcher’s seat according to new poll

Tue 14 Apr, AT 10:44
Don Brind

New polling from marginals boosts Labour after Monday’s surprise poll giving Tories six-point lead

The Mole

Cameron targets Thatcher's blue-collar army

Tue 14 Apr, AT 09:25
The Mole

Conservatives are the party of working people, Cameron declares as ‘role reversal week’ continues

David Cameron at the Conservative Party conference

Conservative manifesto 2015: the policies David Cameron has in store

Fri 8 May, AT 14:27

Prime minister announces priorities in Downing Street after defying pre-election predictions