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Election 2015

The Mole

Cameron, back on form, rules out VAT rise if Tories win

Wed 25 Mar, AT 14:29
The Mole

Cameron 'wins' final PMQs before election – and it could be last ya-boo session of its kind if Ed has his way

Salmond threatens to block a Tory minority government

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Mar, AT 11:42

Former SNP leader says the party would come out against the Conservatives in a vote of confidence

Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage

If Britain had PR, Ukip would win 99 seats. Food for thought

Wed 25 Mar, AT 09:39

Calls for proportional representation will come from all corners on 8 May. But there's a reason to ignore them

Columnist Don Brind

Cameron lucky to get second term - let alone a third

Wed 25 Mar, AT 09:20
Don Brind

Major study shows voters underwhelmed by Tory record: they don’t even see the party as being more ‘competent’

The Mole

Cameron’s Kitchen: here’s one I cocked up earlier

Tue 24 Mar, AT 10:23
The Mole

The Curse of the Landale Kitchen Interviews strikes again - and this time it could be serious

Miliband ‘an unpopular toff costing us votes’ – Lab MP

Tue 24 Mar, AT 09:36

Anyone who tells you Miliband is popular is lying, says Simon Danzcuk – before trying to row back fast

David Cameron arrives at EU summit in Brussels

'No third term': Tory MPs shocked by Cameron blunder

First Reaction
Tue 24 Mar, AT 09:16

Commentators too are genuinely puzzled: Cameron risks being a lame duck PM if he wins election

The Mole

Afzal Amin: now he claims an EDL ‘sting operation’

Mon 23 Mar, AT 10:15
The Mole

Tory candidate in Dudley North refuses to go quietly, claiming ‘phoney rally’ was Tommy Robinson’s idea

Columnist Don Brind

Labour ahead: no ‘Budget bounce for Tories’ - yet

Mon 23 Mar, AT 08:24
Don Brind

Observer jumps the gun with suggestion of Budget boost – all other polls show Labour still ahead

Afzal Amin and EDL: it wasn't a plot, it was conflict resolution

Sun 22 Mar, AT 22:11

Star Tory candidate suspended from party after 'hatching cynical plot to make him look good'