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Election 2015

The Mole

Tory chair Shapps faces calls to resign over two jobs 'fib'

Mon 16 Mar, AT 10:44
The Mole

Shapps should be concentrating on decapitating Ukip: instead he’s got a personal ‘screw-up’ to deal with

UKIP leader Nigel Farage outside polling station in Biggin Hill

Farage has only got one… chance to remain leader

Mon 16 Mar, AT 07:24

By the numbers: the life and times (and promise to stand down if he loses South Thanet) of Nigel Farage

The Mole

‘Two kitchens’ Miliband takes on Big Six energy suppliers

Fri 13 Mar, AT 09:54
The Mole

It may be a storm in a teacup, but it doesn’t help Ed as he tries to regain initiative on household energy bills

British PM David Cameron

David Cameron: why I want another five years as PM

Fri 13 Mar, AT 08:42

Cameron tells the FT he wants to lead a country in which people can feel ‘a deep national pride’

The Mole

Lib Dems wish Ibrahim Taguri would just go away

Thu 12 Mar, AT 09:29
The Mole

Candidate resigns from party in wake of dodgy donor sting - but still wants to stand as independent

Columnist Don Brind

David Cameron doomed on current polling figures

Wed 11 Mar, AT 10:21
Don Brind

Analysis of polling averages shows Tories winning more seats than Labour, but unable to form a coalition

The Mole

Justine Miliband joins Labour campaign - with one proviso…

Wed 11 Mar, AT 09:08
The Mole

Just don’t call her Justine Thornton, the name she normally goes by: Labour wants no confusion

Columnist Don Brind

Tories take four-point lead in two polls: but is it a trend?

Tue 10 Mar, AT 09:39
Don Brind

Will it relieve tensions between Aussie election guru Lynton Crosby and those whinging Tory Poms?

European elections vote

General election odds: who the bookies think will win

Mon 9 Mar, AT 14:21

Some analysts and historians argue that election odds are better than opinion polls at predicting the outcome

Labour-SNP pact? Pressure mounts on Miliband to say No

Mon 9 Mar, AT 10:40

New Tory ‘Spitting Image’ poster picks up on growing fears that Labour could do a deal with the SNP