Is this the best maid of honour speech ever? - video

Thu 4 Jul, AT 16:12

Can the real Slim Shady please stand up - why doesn’t every wedding have a performance like this?

Eminem's daughter in trouble over Taylor Swift tweets

The Tabloids
Thu 6 Dec, AT 12:54

Tabloid tales: Haillie Mathers not a fan of 'Haylor', Nicole Scherzinger leaving X Factor, Simon Cowell gun target

Nigella's Nigellissima: kitsch fantasy or ironic work of art?

Point of View
Mon 1 Oct, AT 10:56

Nigella–baiting from mainly male critics overlooks the complexities that make us keep watching

Mystery ocean blob: a placenta, jellyfish or giant condom?

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Thu 10 May, AT 14:21

Red top tales: mysterious sea blob baffles YouTube viewers, Brad Pitt to be the face of women's Chanel

Rihanna lets her guard down for Grammy awards

Fri 11 Feb, AT 13:01

As for next week's Brits, that's not all she might be letting down...

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy autopsy suggests ‘normal’ death

Tue 22 Dec, AT 09:19

No signs of foul play - but actress did once mention a childhood heart condition

Snoop Dogg; Dr Dre

Dr Dre return features Ludacris rap

Wed 15 Jul, AT 14:32

A leaked single from the hip hop pioneer’s eagerly anticipated album ‘Detox’ has fellow rapper Ludacris providing the vocals

Bruno lands in Eminem's lap

Eminem humilated by Bruno bum-rub

Mon 1 Jun, AT 13:07

Rapper Eminem stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards to howls of derision after Sacha Baron Cohen's spoof gay fashion presenter landed, semi-naked, in his lap