Labour pledges to extend job guarantee scheme until 2020

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Mar, AT 12:06

Flagship jobs pledge aims to tackle youth unemployment and bring an end to a 'benefits for life'

Interpretive dancing: the only way to quit your job - video

Video Tue 1 Oct, AT 13:38

All you need is a video camera, some Kanye West, and an empty office - oh and the moves of course

London city Gherkin

Where have all the wages gone?

Brief Mon 10 Dec, AT 09:57

Report claims rise of the City has sucked £7,000 a year from the pockets of other workers

John Prescott

Jubilee 'labour camp': Olympics security firm accused of exploitation

First Post Wed 6 Jun, AT 15:01

John Prescott slams Close Protection UK for its treatment of unpaid stewards and brings its Olympics contract under scrutiny

Vince Cable

Beecroft claims Vince Cable is a socialist who is 'unfit for office'

First Post Wed 23 May, AT 09:29

Downing Street adviser Adrian Beecroft Says Lib Dem business secretary 'does little to support business'


Unemployment falls - but a third of jobless haven't worked in a year

One-Minute Read Wed 16 May, AT 13:16

Youth unemployment and jobseekers allowance totals drop – but minister warns of 'international uncertainty'

UK jobless rate at 17-year high - but how is rest of world doing?

Briefing Wed 18 Jan, AT 13:54

More than 2.6 million people are unemployed - the highest level since 1994

US unemployment

Unemployment is world's fastest rising worry

One-Minute Read Mon 12 Dec, AT 15:37

Six times more people are worried about losing their job now than in 2009, BBC survey claims


Clegg recycles job scheme as youth unemployment gets toxic

Talking Point Fri 25 Nov, AT 13:14

This scheme is the Future Jobs Fund resurrected: scrapping minimum wage is a better solution

Young jobless - blaming Europe is not good enough

Talking Point Thu 17 Nov, AT 11:47

Austerity programme has failed young people - and competition from foreign workers doesn't help