Chris Evans: Chris Moyles has to leave Radio 1

Oct 15, 2010
Alex Lewis

First Chiles, now Moyles? Veteran presenter looks to ‘off’ a second big-name BBC rival

Chris Evans has urged his breakfast show rival Chris Moyles to quit the BBC, saying he has "lost perspective" and is too old for Radio 1's target audience.

His comments come three weeks after Moyles engaged in a highly publicised on-air rant after he wasn't paid for two months due to a computer glitch.

Playing no music for more than 30 minutes, Moyles named several bosses and suggested that nobody would ever "dare" to forget to pay Terry Wogan or Chris Evans.

"[Moyles] has got to go somewhere else. He's lost perspective," said Evans in an interview with Richard Bacon on Radio Five Live.

"Why do you presume for one second – and by the way I am guilty of this, so I'm not saying I haven't done this and he has done it – why do you think you have the right to hijack a BBC microphone to make that complaint?

"I don't think entertainment was in his mind."

Evans, who was presenter of the Radio 1 breakfast show back in the mid-90s before moving on to commercial radio, thinks Moyles should follow in his footsteps.

"I think he'll go to commercial radio, he'll get a massive pay packet, and I think he'll do very well. You've got to leave while there's still some heat around."

Anyway, Moyles is "way out of the demographic" of Radio 1's audience, Evans added.

While his career may now be on the up, Chris Evans is himself an expert on "losing perspective" while hosting Radio 1's breakfast show.

Evans was famously guilty of late appearances and all-day drinking sessions with staff that ended two hours before they were due to go on air. He even referred to his boss as "the Fat Controller" to his listeners.

If Moyles does decide it is time to move on, his will be the second recent big BBC departure that Evans has had a hand in.

Adrian Chiles hosted a number of BBC TV shows, including BBC1's The One Show on weeknights - until he was forced to go down to four nights a week when Evans was brought in to replace him for the Friday slot.

A fortnight later Chiles announced that he would be defecting to ITV, saying: "I would have been happy to stay at the BBC doing the same shows on the same terms, especially The One Show," he said.

"It's no secret how disappointed I was by the controller's decision to change an apparently successful and well-loved show at this stage, but I fully respect her right to do so."

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