Rhys Ifans to be the next Spider-Man villain

Oct 12, 2010
Natalie Davies

But Sony won't reveal which character the gangly Welshman will play

Mr Nice is set to become the bad guy when Rhys Ifans takes up the role of the lead villain in the forthcoming Spider-Man film.




Ifans will star opposite fellow Brit Andrew Garfield, who will play Peter Parker, and Emma Stone, who has been cast as Parker’s sweetheart Gwen Stacy, in the fourth film of the Spider-man series, due for release in July 2012.




Sony Pictures announced the Welsh actor's involvement yesterday, but would reveal nothing more, saying: "The filmmakers prefer to not reveal which character Ifans will be playing in the forthcoming film."




"What sets the Spider-Man villains apart is the complexity of their relationships with Peter Parker," said director Mark Webb.




"Rhys's incredible ability to embody both warmth and rage makes him the ideal choice for this character."




Dozens of characters were born out of the legendary comic book series, but there might be a clue in the fact that Marvel Studios have previously confirmed that the fourth film would be an origins story set in high school.




A good bet might be Dr Miles Warren, AKA the Jackal, a biology professor who becomes so obsessed with Gwen Stacy that he clones her.




But with the three previous Spider-Man films showing a healthy disregard for original plotlines, literally any character from the comic book canon could make an appearance.




The question is, can we ever be scared of Ifans now we’ve seen him in those Notting Hill Y-fronts?



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