Emma Stone snares Spider-Man role

Oct 4, 2010
Sophie Taylor

The star of Superbad and Easy A has been cast as Gwen Stacy in the franchise reboot

Spider-Man fans rejoice - a new leading lady has been found to replace the outgoing Kirsten Dunst as new director Marc Webb seeks to reboot the superhero franchise with an all-new cast.

Superbad and Easy A heartthrob Emma Stone has been offered the chance to take over as Peter Parker's squeeze, Hollywood sources say. Stone will play Gwen Stacy - with no place in the new film for MJ, who was played by Dunst in the previous three movies. Fans will be able to see the 21-year-old actress in all her 3D glory, with the as-yet untitled film set to hit cinemas in July 2012.

Stone's star has been rising for some time now, after solid performances in Superbad and The Rocker put her on Hollywood's radar. A starring role in the zombie-comedy Zombieland followed soon after, and her latest film Easy A, released just 2 weeks ago, has already become a commercial success.

Andrew Garfield, who starred alongside Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in Lions For Lambs, has already been cast as Peter Parker, the adolescent who becomes Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 4 is believed to be an origins tale, with Parker back at high-school, coming to terms with his new powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

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