Christina Hendricks voted best-looking woman in US

Christina Hendricks

Mad men actress gets the cover - and fans get the chance of a ‘Joan’ Barbie doll

BY Sophie Taylor LAST UPDATED AT 11:43 ON Mon 19 Apr 2010

Desolate British fans of Mad Men, the latest series of which came to an end on BBC4 last week, will be delighted to hear that Christina Hendricks, the fabulously upholstered redhead from Knoxville Tennessee who plays Sterling Cooper's office manager Joan Holloway, has been voted the Best-looking Woman in America.

What makes the survey for Esquire magazine interesting is that it was women readers who liked her looks. Ten thousand women were polled and 30 per cent of them voted for Hendricks. She was followed at some distance by Victoria Secrets model Adriana Lima in second place (17 per cent) and actress Megan Fox in third place (14 per cent).

As a result, Hendricks gets the cover of the May special issue, 'Women'. She's also ranking high in Esquire's current poll for Sexiest Woman Alive.

Hendricks, Jon Hamm, January Jones and the rest of the cast of the multi-award-winning show are scheduled to start filming series four of Mad Men this month, for broadcast in the States starting in July.

Also this summer, younger viewers - or perhaps not so young? - will be able to buy a special edition Barbie doll of Joan Holloway. There are also dolls of Don and Betty Draper and Roger Sterling in the range.

All of which caused one TV exec to comment to The First Post: "I know Mad Men is a period piece. I didn't know we were still living in the Fifties." · 

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