Ronnie Wood ‘choked’ his girlfriend during row

Dec 4, 2009
Sophie Taylor

The Rolling Stones guitarist has been released on police bail

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has been released on bail, amid allegations he "choked" his 20-year-old Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova during a row.

Wood, 62, was arrested late on Wednesday night on Claygate high street in Esher, Surrey after police were called over reports of an assault. It is understood that a passerby dialled 999 as an argument took place between Wood and Ivanova. 

Celine Dixon told the Sun that she and her boyfriend Phillip Legge witnessed the incident outside an Indian restaurant at around 11.30pm.

Dixon said: "We heard a woman screaming, then saw a man pinning her to the ground. He was shouting at her then we heard choking sounds so my boyfriend rushed out to help." She added: "When he got outside he saw it was Ronnie and Ekaterina."

The couple escorted Ivanova back to their home where they called the police, Dixon said.

A spokesman for Wood, David Rigg of Project Associates, a consultancy which describes itself as an expert in 'reputation management', said: "I can confirm that there was an incident and that Ronnie Wood was arrested. He has since been released on police bail."

Ivanova, a cocktail waitress, met Wood in a London nightclub last year and the pair reportedly fled to Ireland for a 10-day drinking session at Wood's country house. Following the affair Ronnie Wood's wife of 23 years, Jo, left the Rolling Stone guitarist, whose net worth is thought to be around £84 million. Their divorce is due to be finalised within the next few weeks.

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