Winslet libel win strikes blow for normal women

Nov 3, 2009
Tim Edwards

Kate Winslet has accepted damages from the Daily Mail for an article that suggested she lied about her exercise regime

Kate Winslet has struck a blow for ordinary women who are not obsessed with body shape. She has accepted £25,000 in libel damages from the Daily Mail after suing over an article headlined: "Should Kate Winslet win an Oscar for the world's most irritating actress?"

The piece cast doubt on Winslet's protestations that the demands of film premieres and awards ceremonies meant she had thrown her exercise regime out of the window and was eating whatever she liked.

The reporter disputed Winslet's claim that her "enviable muscle tone" was simply the result of doing Pilates workouts at home for 20 minutes every day and suggested she was still "going for the burn" with regular exercise. The article was accompanied by naked photos of Winslet in various film roles, intended to illustrate the writer's point.

But Winslet was adamant that this was wrong. "I strongly believe that women should be encouraged to accept themselves as they are, so to suggest that I was lying was an unacceptable accusation of hypocrisy," she said yesterday following the High Court settlement.

Winslet, who did not attend the court, said in a statement that she was delighted by the apology: "I was particularly upset to be accused of lying about my exercise regime and felt that I had a responsibility to request an apology in order to demonstrate my commitment to the views that I have always expressed about body issues, including diet and exercise."

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